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Auto Seeds Auto Berry Ryder

  • SeedBank : Auto Seeds

    Strain: Auto Berry Ryder

    Did it autoflower?: Yes

    Soil/hydro: soil John inns waste lands 50% perlite 25% vermiculite 25%

    Nutes: biobizz
    fish mix grow bloom top max

    Advanced nutriants
    big bud overdrive final phase

    General hydroponics Calmag

    Light (kind and schedule):

    250w White CFL for veg Mars hydro 300w for flower 24hours

    From seed to harvest: 70 days

    Wet yield: 177.5g

    Dry Yield: 2.5oz

    High/Effect Duration:

    This is a top smoke I felt it after one packed bong it went straight to my head lasting 30mins then then it moved to my body leaving me feeling relaxed and pain free I didn't need another smoke for a good hour.

    RATE SCALE:* good
    5 star smoke all day long just for the smell

    Unfortunately I didn't get any purple out of this bud but she's a stunner regardless

    THE GROWTH:*****

    This strain is a rocket in veg I had to move the lights daily for 6 week she responded well to the pony tail method
    Flowering seemed to take a while wasnt sure if it was the marshydro or the strain or my inexperience but she blew up around day 55 the skinny fluffy buds turned to fat heavy nugs of pure berry goodness

    THE SMELL:*****
    Unreal throw out your candels insents and airfreshiners this stuff will leave your room stinking good.
    I can't put my finger on the smell when handling the buds your left with a sweet sickly smell of berrys and skunk I thought this would be a sour smoke but when burnt your left with a refreshing berry smell still has a hint of skunk to it

    THE SMOKE:*****
    5 stars
    Nothing harsh about this smoke kind of feels like your smoking a menthol with out the mint taste just a hit of cool smoke our lass said its like air conditioning for your lungs

    THE HIGH:*****
    Went straight to my head lasted a good 30 mins then felt total relaxation for a hour before I had another smoke helped with my back pain also I would class this as a day time smoke it did send my mind racing for the first half hour but that's down to me I would fully recommend this strain to any one she's fast easy and a treat to the Senses

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