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auto ultimate

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    dutch passion
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    same price
    as you can see she was a big lady. i fimmed her around day 14 and lst’d her every other day of her life and ended up with around 120 colas. if i was to do it again though i wouldnt push her so hard as a lot of the nugs broke up when they dried. this resulted in around 5oz going into the trim bin because it turned shit and fluffy when it dried (not included in the final weight)

    i grew her in a gt205 (20L) NFT on 19/5 mostly.

    lighting was mars hydro in the form of 2 x old model 600s (2 x 270w actual draw)

    the leds arent great for seedlings so i use a 130w big
    bulb cfl for the first 2 weeks and the growth rate is phenomenal.

    fed her the full range of dutch pro nutrients- a&b veg, a+b bloom, take root, multitotal and explode + calmag with added iron and nitrogen, liquid scilicone (amazing stuff! turns the plant to rubber ! ) brassinolide, wich is a growth hormone and probably some other bits and bobs along the way. these things can feed quite happily at up to 1500ppm all day long for most of the grow so all in, over 108 days she drank her way through about £200 in nutrients and cost about £300 in leccy. worth it in the end though : ) 760CA072-BA60-4004-A8B7-29239D02DC29.jpeg F8045674-17AE-4936-9E65-BE4975749306.jpeg C4A52F07-6B40-4D3C-BE7B-4C55F94BA64D.jpeg 9ECAA8C7-62A4-407E-83C4-77EE690693E2.jpeg 3D1126A1-7D2C-45EF-BD23-16FA08F61568.jpeg 790DACF5-3117-433F-B7B2-16175BBF88D9.jpeg 4BB96247-19C8-4632-AE69-1009B097F7E1.jpeg 0C907916-1FCB-426C-AF0A-0F5F32A5F8A6.jpeg 8AA570C4-E4D0-44C8-B057-2BEC6E13196B.jpeg D387285C-5865-4BF0-BDAD-3656222E18B3.jpeg 7A379F57-B11D-4642-8FA6-CBE6BB70F71F.jpeg

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  1. Rebel
    You earned a few badges here brother! OUT - FECKIN - STANDING!!!

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    1. EvilScotsman
      yaaaaayy!!! my inner badge whore is satisfied at last!! thank you rebel : ) your a star !

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  1. Chong's Cousin
    Finally grew one had great yield but weak potency, was good enough to notice its sativa staying power, didn't make me sleepy even 4 bong loads into session. Made for a great on my way to work style of smoke- Interesting taste,MangoISH light smoke. Not a bad sat to have around but would prefer a stronger overall potency
  2. Cronk
    what an insane haul from 1 plant. I'm going to try one this big in 6 weeks when I flip a Not Really Auto after current harvest.
  3. Chong's Cousin
    Sweet plant dude,if your dealing with hi cost nutes why not check out medi-one from green planet? Either way Cheers,have a great one!
  4. lunarman
    $300 in nutes for one plant? Did you check if that's a world record? Wowzer. I budgeted that much for 6 months myself. Spectacular plant. I'd be happy if 2-3 of my Ultimate's produced that.
    1. EvilScotsman
      ive got leftovers of both a&b’s but not quite enough of anything for a full grow. used all my supplements at least twice over though. i try keep the res bang on the right strength with daily nute adjustments so i do tend to get a lot of waste on res change day but i dont mind. worth it in the end : )
      EvilScotsman, Nov 9, 2017
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  5. SPZ
    Thanks for the great review, I've got a few of these seeds courtesy of @Nosias (thanks man!) so it is nice to see what this girl is capable of!
    1. Nosias
      Happy you wanted them.
      Nosias, Nov 1, 2017
      Terry DuBose and EvilScotsman like this.
  6. Jager
    Hi Mate,Not bad for your second grow!You have found a formula that works so stick with it.If I stuck with the best off the first 6\7 auto strains rather than trying 38 different auto strains id never have come across the Ultimate though!I now average over 6Lbs every 22 days from 10 plants started every 21days.... there were only 40 or so differnt auto strains,few forums and hardly any Leds available when i started though.Keep it up...
  7. EvilScotsman
    hi troops just thought id make a little ammendment to my review.
    i said i was a little let down by the strength. wich i was as i was expecting 20%+ thc but perhaps i was being a little harsh, on myself more than anything. its all been smoked now by god knows how many folk now and everybody loved it!
    furthermore, nobody (including the dealer) noticed that i never flushed it so myth busted!
    the person i grow for has also asked me to do it again so i feel now perhaps that fifth star couldve been justified. lots of competition round here so to be asked to grow it again is a pretty good result for dutch passion : )
    be photos for me from now on but looks like dutch passion will still be occupying my grow spaces : )
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    1. G.Leave
      Looking for a DP photo? Give the Think Fast a try....with the right pheno, wow
      G.Leave, Oct 31, 2017
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  8. VitaMan
    Nice haul!
    A Monster Plant just in time for Halloween!
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  9. seb56
    Holy Shit Batman, what a plant
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  10. canocrpse86
    Holy crap!!!!
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