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AutoCob 3500K

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  • Company Name:
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    cobshop.net bigsm0
    Purchase Price:
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Where to start?
    So it begins, another hobby where I find a great manufacturer/vendor to work with. Customer service is impeccable. I have over 100 emails with bigsm0 in my inbox from question and answers before I bought my first 2 autocobs. Then only a couple more emails before I bought the next 2.

    I love how easy it is to integrate these wonder lights in to an existing tent with HPS and T5HO fixtures. I'm sure one day I'll punt them all except for the autocobs.

    I can position these lights exactly where I want them on each plant or between plants. Height is super easy. I can angle them. I can hover them right beside a cool tube fixture and give my plants lots of lumen love.

    I love the aesthetics of these lights. Being an old school audiophile I'm reminded of big Krell amps with massive heat sinks.
    I would like to see a power switch but no big deal. Keep the bells and whistles out of the build so they remain affordable is what I love to see and that's what you get here.
    and I'd love to see an easy way to change the spectrum so I can go from veg to flower with just one light, but that is not a criticism of the autocobs.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    I'm thinking about some 6400K veg autocobs.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Already have and always will.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:

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  1. Sleeveofauto
    Nice write up! I’m loving my auto cobs as well.

    And the support and service is top notch!
      BigSm0 and Pinkylee like this.
  2. lunarman
    These lights are adjustable. Yes. And unless there is a framed LED matrix that has swivel heads on each light, this is unique to cobshop autocobs.

    Basically its like this. One ratchet that comes with the cob fixture goes on the mount point on the driver chassis behind the actually LED and heatsink. And that allows you to adjust height. And maybe sometimes that's all you need. But sometimes it's nice to give it a bit of an angle. I'm constantly changing my tent garden and with the autocobs I can fine tune finesse each light where I want it. Here is a picture from tonight where I have 4 autocobs for 4 plants. 2 of them are seedlings and 2 are preflowering. I have the 2 on the preflowers right above and straight down on top of the canopy. The other 2 handling seedling duty are at a good height. And I'm angling the light slight away from the seedling. Which is cool because it does not need a lot of light so it would be nice to leverage it elsewhere. More cost savings right? So I pass some on to the bigger plants.

    Bigsm0 uses a training/trellis hook and a ratchet to lift the side of the autocob to give tilt options. I bent some chicken coop wire and hooked on to a ratchet line and to a fin on the heat sink. Works great.

    I'm trying to add pictures to this comment but can't. I'll find a way to add a couple of pictures to show this.
  3. SPZ
    Hey lunarman, thanks for the great review. I too am a newbie and I just pulled a pound of Mephisto Northern Cheese Haze with 330 watts of Autocobs in my first grow. Link to the grow journal in my sig.

    I've still got a lot to learn, but these things work! Props to BigSm0 for great service and I always love to support a local vendor. I'm taking a big rip of Northern cheese Haze now with a big shit eating and grid on my face! :smoking:
      Need4Weed and lunarman like this.
    1. lunarman
      Just browsed thru your autocob/autopot unboxing thread. Nice to see the setup progress and all the different things that went in to the environment. Very methodical and logical. Very similar to my setup. I have 2 of the 4 pot kits and will be using 6 pots total and the 2 reservoirs as well. And I'm going to be blasting in a lot of air in to the domes. I am using remo nutes, silica and drip clean. I'll have a look at your grow journal later.
      lunarman, Nov 17, 2017
  4. lunarman
    I should mention I'm a newbie. My only light experience before were 600 watt HPS and T5HO and one grow under my belt that I just chopped. So I can't really comment on performance of the autocobs. I'd be lying if I said they were the best. Give me 6 months and I'll have a more objective opinion. My focus of the review is on customer service and practicality/usability and I think value for money too.
      Need4Weed, Prez2.0, Pinkylee and 5 others like this.