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Autocob From Cobshop.net

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There are numerous reviews about these lights. This is another one, but with a twist, a different angle..... Maybe....., to be honest I didnt read any of the other reviews.
Simply put...The best Goddamn grow light known to man. Probably even better than the sun, or those lights on the Kenny Rogers Chicken sign that almost killed Jerry and Kramer on Seinfeld .
  1. mknghorn
    "cobs rule."
    have had my autocobs for two automatic grow cycles this winter and they performed marvelously. am using them now for a photo grow and they are killing it there as well. love being able to adjust the lights into "zones" where i have my taller ones on one side of the tent and short on the other and i can move the lights to fit. also as an aside i live in the area in which these lights are made and i know they gotta be good because the guy in the grow store nearby threw some shade while trying to sell me some used gavitas. tough shit to him lol. found my brand.
  2. Wallflower82
    "The best lights I’ve ever had"
    They’re the best lights I’ve ever had what more can I say? They aren’t just cost efficient, they’re pretty intense lights. They’re adjustable, they produce extremely little heat for the light they put out, they’re completely silent, they’re extremely well made and I don’t think you can put a price on the peace of mind in knowing exactly who made your light, it didn’t come from some factory overseas who may not 100% care if their low or zero QC results in the occasional fire hazard or not

    One beauty of using these as your light system is the ability to build it over time. As opposed to those traditional one piece light setups (which aren’t adjustable) that you have to “buy all at once” - the autocobs are individual units so .. you can get one or two now, and always get the other cobs you need later.. you can get your light over time which can help some people who don’t have a lot of $ up front

    Anyways I’m super happy with my lights, I’m very glad I found AFN and I’m very glad I stumbled on these lights because I almost went the HPS or blurple route and I’m so very glad I didn’t
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  3. davisgirl
    "Awesome lights"
    Can’t day enough good things about these lights. They make managing the grow and light resources so easy. Really great coverage too. I’m too much of a noob to be technical but I’m growing lots of great pot and my electric bill is low. :thumbsup:
  4. Sebe56
    "Great Lights"
    Theses are the best have 5 3500k. How far from the plants should they be
    1. Doc39835
      I keep them at 30 inches for the first couple of weeks, then generally around 24 inches. I start out with one light per plant, , 3 weeks in I ad another, at 5 weeks Ive usually got 3 at 24 inches per plant. If running just one light per plant maybe 18 to 20 inches.
  5. mcubed476
    "Autocobs are amazing"
    If you're looking for lights that will save on electricity, and still keep quality and yield great, then these are the lights for you.

    My entire setup with 4 autocobs runs me $36 a month in electricity. That's fans, lights, all of it.

    Last harvest was just over 3 months. I harvested 14.67 oz total off 3 autos. That's $7.36 per ounce that I paid in electricity. I'm going to harvest over a lb this current grow, and it will be 4 months of electricity (one auto is taking forever to finish).

    Anyway, back to the light:

    No ballast required
    Easy to adjust
    Easy to work around
    Work for both veg and flower
    Low temps (my tent is at 71 currently)
    Not a Blurple light. Those are cool, but it's more difficult to see problems happening.
    Did I mention cost efficient?

    I've never even thought about getting new lights since I have had these. I will never get a different kind of light. I can't believe more people don't use these.

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  6. Rwg111
    "Best I've owned"
    I have now purchased 6 3500k autocobs from cobshop.net and will be getting 3 more for my grow space and completely remove all my leds. My leds have never done me wrong I ordered 2 autocobs from cobshop.net to fill some space fell in love and never looked back. Ive grown photos for years on my 3rd with autos and these are by far the best lights that have ever fed any of my gardens.
    A bit of an expense up front but they pay for themselves in no time. Great product thank you cobshop.net
  7. BakerT
    Beautiful looking grow
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