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Autocob x 4

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    Love these lights can't wait to complete my 1st grow using these 20180110_102059 (2).jpg
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    Better believe it
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    I know it will

Recent User Reviews

  1. seb56
    I purchased 5, 3500k toward the end of my second grow, I just used 2 cobs, just after 2 days, there was a change in my buds. They just looked like they woke up and tric's were swollen. Now using all 5 know it's over kill on a 7 gallon container. I am having to move the lights up every 2 days. This plant is in its mid 5th week, no LST or Scrog, the amount of Bud sites are still fantastic. Plant is little over 2 1/2 ft tall and just huge. The light from these cobs reach far into the plant. On a 18 - 6 light schedule

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  1. Dabber
  2. Flash
    Yoooo keep us posted!!
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