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    20$ per seed
    I've grown alot of GSC autos and this is the best version I've come across. I've grown every version and hybrid from all the big names in autoflower genetics and this is the closest to the Original Photoperiod GSC hands down. So close old if I'd be able to tell the diffrence if they were side by side.

    The plant was a medium feeder and had fast vigorous growth all through the stages of growth. She responded great to LST and didn't need any defoilation bc the leaf to flower ratio was perfect wich also made her a breeze to trim and a absolute joy to grow. It was a sad day when I gave her the chop bc I could sit and stare at her for hours.lol

    From seed to harvest was 87 days
    Flower density - 9.5
    Yield- just under 5 oz dry weight
    Potency- 9
    Flavor and terp profile - 9
    High- very balanced head and body high great for all times of day. More sativa then indica in effect. Very long lasting high.

    Bottom line this is a home run by @Autoseeds.com this strain has a perminant area dedicated to it in my grow.
    1551561411795193.jpg 1551561412291453.jpg 1551561410746854.jpg 1551561411049182.jpg 1551561411263629.jpg 1551561411529283.jpg 1551561337847349.jpg 1551561338155252.jpg 1551561336758475.jpg 1551561337072195.jpg 1551561335994982.jpg 1551561335742866.jpg 1551561337333451.jpg 1551561337072195.jpg

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  1. Budding Gardener
    That is a great looking plant. I have GSC in the ground and I am looking forward to see if it comes close to your 5 oz yeild. How large was the plant? Height and width?
  2. Wian
    Those buds look awesome.. 5 oz from one plant right?
    @ that quality = double nice!
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Yep I was surprised by the weight bc it looked more like 3-4 but the bud density and weight was very high.
      Tyler_Durden88, Mar 14, 2019
      Wian likes this.
  3. Flipper
    Wow, stellar! Thanks for the report.
      Tyler_Durden88 likes this.
  4. Boognelson87
  5. niceneasy
    Very nice. I have a photo GSC supposedly, but it looked nothing like that. Bitchin' buds.
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      There's diffrent phenos I grew a photoperiod version awhile ago. I bought a mother plant of a friend of mine who brought over clones from colorado. Looked very very similar to this auto version.
      Tyler_Durden88, Mar 5, 2019
      niceneasy likes this.
  6. lunarman
    Nice review and comparison you make to the other genetics and where this one stands. Valuable information.
      Tyler_Durden88 likes this.
  7. 68grasshopper
    looks alot better than the gsc i grew from fastbuds,alot frostier aswell :thumbsup:
      Tyler_Durden88 likes this.
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Yea the trichome coverage was great you cant handle the bud without having your hands covered in trichomes. The flower density was impressive. Buds stayed the same size after drying.
      Tyler_Durden88, Mar 3, 2019
      68grasshopper likes this.
  8. 7.62
    Nice report, thanks!
  9. Autotron
    Great job! How does this compare to Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies?
      Boognelson87 likes this.
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Better. It's got a higher potency and terp profile. The only one close was mephisto forgotten cookies but the forgotten cookies was more like sour diesel than GSC.
      Tyler_Durden88, Mar 2, 2019