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    SeedBank :



    images (13).jpg

    Did it autoflower?: Y/N
    Yes it automatically flowers and was seed to harvest in 79 days


    My own hybrid mix of 50% coco coir and 50% BIOBIZZ ALLMIX WITH one cup blood and bone meal per pot and also one cup of ECO THRIVE.


    I used general hydroponics full 3 part line.
    I also used
    Plant Magic calmag +
    Pk 13/14
    And finally I used biobizz Rootjuice for first week

    Light (kind and schedule):

    Vegged for 1 week under 250 w HPS and then rest of cycle under 2x marshydro 300w led

    From seed to harvest date:__days

    0-79 days

    Dry Yield: _g

    I honestly can't believe it myself totally amazing strain

    High/Effect Duration:

    It's only been curing for about a week and the high is very nice. perfect hybrid in my experience 3-4 hr euphoria wich mellow out after 45min to a perfect all round high

    Taste is a mixture of Rotten fruit with defined skunk taste

    RATE SCALE:* bad to ***** good

    BAG APPEAL:*****

    5x rock hard trich covered and you smell the bag before you see it DSC_1870.JPG

    THE GROWTH:*****

    This strain just excellerated right from sprout she just wanted to grow with very good side branching
    Final height was 140+ cm

    THE SMELL:*****

    Deep skunky Rotten berry smell

    THE SMOKE:*****

    Thick and full bodied

    Here's a nice bud shot IMG-20161016-WA0023.jpg image.jpeg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. fluffhead
  2. trailanimal
  3. Dinafem-Mark
    "Great review of our strain"
    Nicely detailed report with all information needed and a great all around review

User Comments

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  1. Dabber
    cant wait to pop mine awesome job
  2. fluffhead
    Ive got one of these from a free promo pack... your review got me really excited about it
  3. G.Leave
    140cm a monster!! Well done bud!
  4. 68grasshopper
    great result ,:thumbsup:
  5. frgrower
    awesome job here indeed :smoking:
  6. IndicaIVoz
  7. Maria Sanchez
    Awesome grow!