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  • Company Name:
    Sweet Seeds
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Purchase Price:
    650 CZK ~ 29 USD
    I received a poster with this great plant during one of my purchases in a local seed bank and was inspired to buy some seeds of it and try. I happened to also finally switch to Autopot. The plant was stressed during the last weeks as I experimented with two LEDs in a short tent (120cm) which proved to be too much and there was a certain amount of light bleaching on the top leaves which eventually turned crisp. I double topped this plant as I tried fimming it but actually managed to somehow screw that up, ironic given the meaning of "FIMM".

    The smoke was delicious and sweet with an immediate effect. I felt relaxed and uplifted, everything felt better with it.

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User Comments

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  1. Scalpman
    Looks great, those colas are huge
      TehSnow likes this.
  2. NieborHoodCultivator
    Good looking girl!
      TehSnow likes this.
  3. krug
    She's a looker bud! :greenthumb::pass:
      TehSnow likes this.
  4. NieborHoodCultivator
    Looks killer
      TehSnow likes this.
  5. EsRgood4u
    What was the grow time? I have 5 devil xxl (original seed stores own big devil xl version) growing at the moment and are at week 7.5 now so supposedly by what the breeder states they should only have 1.5 weeks remaining. They are nowhere near as chunky as yours. Under 600w true draw blurple.

    I checked your journal. You took her at 75 days. Excellent results.
      TehSnow likes this.
    1. TehSnow
      It was at her 75 days with flush included, just fed her water.
      TehSnow, Jun 28, 2018
      EsRgood4u likes this.
  6. Archaic
    Thats a beautiful plant man, great color.
      TehSnow likes this.
  7. namvet25
    Very frosty girl and nicely formed also,great job.:thumbsup:
      TehSnow, Maria Sanchez and Mizzo81 like this.
  8. Alacrity
    That's jaw dropping, man! If this qualifies as a screw-up, I can't wait to see what your success benchmark is.

    Well done, you!
  9. MedCzech
    Nice looking color on those girls! Maybe I will stop into their shop and take a look.
      TehSnow, Maria Sanchez and Mizzo81 like this.