Blk Sour Diesel

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Blk Seeds
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Tester Stock*
Retail Price of Product:
22E for 5 ($24 USD)
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
29E - 32 USD
Did you receive this product for free?:
I received these beans as testers in exchange for Journaling my experience with the product in real time.
Your Intended Use of This Product:
Medical / Recreational
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Positives About This Product:
Vigorous Growth and Strong, Great Smelling Flowers. This is ALL Sour Diesel, ALL the way through !
Negatives About This Product:
I'm not lying when I say I can't find a single negative. I only wish I had treated my plant better and dropped more Sour D beans sooner !
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
This product exceeded my expectations, especially because it was a tester
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
Recreational and Medical Users alike - and Sour D lovers this is a MUST HAVE !
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
YES, this product has proven efficient and reliable and I look forward to ordering more of Blks Stock or trying more testers.
Would You Recommend This Product?:
Yes I would recommend this product to both my Mother and the Queen of England :smoking:
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
You are a welcome addition to the site, at least to me. Your on site product description for your Sour Diesel is spot on, you guys NAILED it. ENCORE ! Please make a Kali Mist Autoflower !!!
  • I put this Sour D through very considerable stress. It had a big fan fall on it and lay it over. It's light schedule was suddenly and drastically lengthened during flower. It was put under the sun during it's veg spectrum during flower, and it was in heavy flower outdoors for almost two weeks of high humidity and daily thunderstorms, and it still smelled amazing and finished up problem free and on schedule. Blk's Sour D seems a safe, vigorous, reliable strain that performs very well.
    It taste, looks and smells just like Sour Diesel and is a TRUE Autoflower in every sense of the word. I tried to break this plant, and I could not. It didn't slow down or Hermi. In the end it gave me exactly what I hoped to see, Photo quality Sour Diesel in Autoflower form.
    My grow was 63 Days from Seed to Harvest

    Sour D #2.jpg Sour D #5.jpg Sour D #8.jpg Sour D 12.jpg Sour D 15.jpg Sour D 16.jpg Sour D 22.jpg Sour D 28.jpg Sour D 29.jpg
    Sour D 32.jpg Sour D 31.jpg

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  1. LMB
    The finished product looks Beautiful!
  2. Cookiefan00
    Big tyme diesel fan here. Me likes the photos
  3. BaronFox
    Beautiful buds man, thanks for sharing this report. Will certainly be looking into this strain.
      Cookiefan00 and Tetra9 like this.
  4. F.N.
    Very good report on BLK sour Diesel it looks like great smoke.
      Tetra9 likes this.
  5. Jimmyclone
    Looks good buddy, i will check them out
      Tetra9 likes this.
  6. Tetra9
    I was hesitant to do the review just because of the low yield. It was all my fault I swear, and I'd hate to impact their sales because I didn't give the plant 100%.
    That being said, I should have mentioned (for those not familiar with Sour D) that the Flowers were Super Dense, the densest buds I've ever grown. The flowers have a Delightful, Fruity Aroma, with Fuel Undertones, and taste the same.It smells that way during flower, harvest, and cure. There is a fairly unique high that comes with Sour Diesel, one that upon it's inception and release to the streets fast tracked Sour Diesel to the ranks of the worlds top 5 strains for several years. Blk captured all of that with this one. If there is no phenotypes, then this is one of the best Photo to Auto conversions I've ever seen. The only difference between the two is the Auto flower lifespan. :weed::peace::weed:
      Fairlynew, Duggy, db003 and 1 other person like this.
    1. F.N.
      That was a excellent review. I can hardly wait for mine to be done
      F.N., Jun 1, 2017