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    Gifted for testing
    Medium - coco... about 7ltr
    Lights - 280w Led cobs (5 x 3500k citizen 1212's @ 1400ma)
    Nutes - Remo... drip feed 3 times a day
    Environment - Tent


    Pretty easy grow apart from the bud rot at the end, caused by the the very high RH we had at the end of the summer... tent is just too small for a dehumidifier. My recommendation is that you make sure you have very good air flow with this strain and grow when the RH is way down.


    Massive stretch on these girls, easily tripled in height. Untrained they could get to 150cm easy, I manged to just keep them at the 1 meter mark (had to super crop one)... they didn't half give me some shit in that tent. They took over, made me get rid of one plant early then towards the end made me kick another out so they could finish... 4 weeks later... WARNING... these girl like to go for about 14 weeks.


    One thing I got to say is that she grows huge colas, the one plant that got the rot the most had coke bottle size cola's. Shame she never got to the finish, would have been a massive yield.
    Off the plant that made it to the end I got just shy of 7oz dry.

    WP_20171115_14_03_54_Pro (2).jpg

    On the smoke side of things she is a tasty, fruit lady with quite a hit... the pheno that smelt of blueberry tastes of blueberry, lived up to its name sake.
    For me this is an all day smoke. My tolerance is through the roof, had my first ever dab recently... I had 3 in a row... now, for the normal every day and I haven't toked in couple years mate... its a 2 toke and reach for the bucket strain... oh we did laugh hard. He came round in the end after 2 hours. I take that as this Blueberry has got some kick to the untrained or out of experience toker.

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  1. dave99
    The blueberry i got from was a little different in colour even was scared the site was fake because of their fair price but i took the risk now i believe are very reliable and keep to their words . i just got my seeds delivered
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  2. forbiddenx711
    Nice Job. Nice weeds lighting cross
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  3. Monati614
    She looks good...i like the grow bucket..who makes that? I like how you filled your space.....real nice
    1. mediweed club
      hi ! do you talk about the air pot ? here in europe it's really used a lot for big autoflo plant .... lot of oxygéne , much more rooting space ... just a top for autoflo
      mediweed club, Dec 18, 2017
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  4. MaxPowerGrows
  5. thedope
    You sure do know how to make your girl happy! She is a work of art and beauty.

    Can I ask where you obtained 280 watt passive heat sinks?

    The heat sinks were a limiting factor in my current design at 90 watts each.
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  6. medlowbear
    nice well done
  7. Unique
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    1. Slater
      Slater, Nov 21, 2017
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  8. lunarman
    Good idea to have a pallet in there. That way you can use a forklift or pallet jack to pull out plants for harvesting.
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    1. Slater
      It was a tuff job getting that fork lift up through the loft hatch but we managed it in the end... also it keeps your roots of the floor helping them to stay warmer and increase the air flow around the pots helping the air pruning of the roots on the bottom of the pots.. I've built a better one for the new tent set up, gonna need a crane for that lift.
      Slater, Nov 18, 2017
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  9. AutoWonders
    Thats quite a forrest you have growing. It would probably take a couple bottles of water just to make it through and out the other side. And when I get the other side, I sure as hell hope that I don't find out that Earth is flat.
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    1. Slater
      sorry to disappoint you but I've had confirmed well checked and really researched facts from facebook that the world is flat
      Slater, Nov 18, 2017
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  10. Ken Hollingum
    Sorry bro, but I"m so new to this, all I've been is a sponge but what is RH?, I've heard of PH of course.
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    1. Slater
      wrong place for this kind of question but no worry's, it mean Relative Humidity
      Slater, Nov 17, 2017