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User Comments

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  1. trailanimal
    man Waxi, you got this one to pile on the crust!
  2. Red Rupert
    I grew this a couple of years ago- i got a similar yeild and it was a great smoke
  3. Waira
    *slobber* :drool: they look delish' Waximate! As always, a fine grow my friend, and an quality review too - :d5: ...So, it seems Bomb Seeds is holding the good stuff from what I'm seeing here, and a few of their strains have shown up in menu's locally, inlcuding (photo) THC Bomb which tested out over 20% THC!
    :thanks: :cheers: ... :pass:
  4. AJrexxx
    Going to have to look this one up when I purchase seeds in the future.
      Waximus likes this.
  5. Blow'n Reefer
    Beautiful girl and great write up. I've grown outdoor for afew decades and indoor on and off but have recently set up a sweet room and am growing my first autos as my first crop with the new set up.

    I was just lookn at some bomb seeds last night and your write up provided great insight.

    Be Well and keep Blow'n the Reefer!
      Waximus likes this.
      Great band
      AWOKEN ONE, May 30, 2017