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    It was gifted to me br a dear friend to try
    Purchase Price:
    around 37 EurosI
    She was a pleasure to grow and I will be growing more of these frost monsters BUBBA KUSH AUTO IMG_7220.JPG

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  1. RidaRidaRida
    Yours came out looking better than the pic the seed bank uses on their website haha! Great grow man! Thanks for sharing! I will buy these next thanks to this review. Let the seedbank know, maybe you can get a free referral seed! :cheersmate:
      F.N. likes this.
    1. F.N.
      That is very kind of you over the years they have been generous to me.
      F.N., Sep 3, 2018
      RidaRidaRida likes this.
    2. RidaRidaRida
      No, thank your for the review man. I'm buying their seeds because of your post!
      RidaRidaRida, Sep 3, 2018
  2. F.N.
    Thank you for the nice comments. I really appreciate them.
      trailanimal likes this.
  3. Snowbear
    It looks amazing well done .
      F.N. likes this.
  4. trailanimal
    what a beauty! good growing FN!
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  5. sgt. spliff
    Nice way to grow!
      F.N. likes this.
  6. FullDuplex
    Fantastic work, this has to be one of my fav strains from them. The three that i had were outstanding
      F.N. likes this.
  7. imlovennuggets
    Looks great! Very nicely done:thumbsup:
      F.N. likes this.
  8. Mizzo81
    Very nice review. Beautiful plant. I’ve heard many great things about this strain from dinafem.
      F.N. likes this.
  9. Dinafem-Mark
    Fantastic write up :thumbsup: well done my friend :pass:

    All the best