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    Bubble bowls
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    These things work fantastic

    02BBB448-C128-4FD5-88E7-85B237FFA0DA.jpeg 0ACBD15D-71DA-45D4-8944-1D85F855C712.jpeg AE79B132-1103-42D6-A01D-B629248029EB.jpeg 99A56F28-71A8-43A0-9F37-CDCC50DBFE31.jpeg 06578EA5-09C9-4115-A315-15E7DC3E07C1.jpeg 37045F97-9539-4D56-9F62-E32259B470A4.jpeg C9827B28-42ED-40E3-9D0E-AB0CCC6D1A6D.jpeg 327D0C4F-6F60-4548-9D4C-585742A7DBFE.jpeg
  • Positives/Benefits:
    The product works great with very little effort
    I have none and actually thought it would require more work.
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    I fully recommend this product.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    I am very satisfied and wish I would have had these years ago.

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  1. db003
    "great review"
    awesome review of the bubble bowls
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    1. Ripper
      Thanks bud. Awesome product

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  1. Vapo69
    Nice Review Ripper.....good pics and a full understanding of the product....top man:bow:
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  2. verbalkent412
    What is the benefit for the bowls as opposed to the bubble bags. It seems to me that the bowls are only good for dry ice extraction and the bags are good for both in my opinion I would buy the bags
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    1. Ripper
      Ash a ton used the bowls for both. Worked great for him
      Ripper, Apr 10, 2018
  3. St. Tom
    nice review ripper
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  4. krug
    Nice job mate, they look like a proper bit of kit!:thumbsup:
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