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  • Company Name:
    Bubble Bowls
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Test 3 stage bowls
    Purchase Price:
    N/A Acquired for my honest review
    This product does exactly what it is intended to do. Capture the remaining keif/THC-a from the plant matter after harvest. This is what my intentions were with the product as i needed something to get everything out of the plant that i could. I used it for the sugar leaf and the popcorn buds to process the remaining portions of my plant.

    This was used on plant matter and small buds and honestly got the best result for my processing needs. I did get a little bit of plant matter in my final result due to the large dry ice chunks but pressing that into rosin was the final goal.

    The rosin that was extracted was pure and had a nice golden color and anything that was green/plant matter was left behind in my pressing process. All in all this is a wonderful user friendly product that can be used by just about anyone looking to get the best bang for the buck and to get the most out of their plant.
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Easy to use and amazing clean up after product run. The clean up involves you retaining all the hash. Once collected the bowls themselves clean up with some iso and you can reclaim that once evaporated.
    Could use a a smaller catch pan or bowl under the 90 micron bowl, but i believe that they have a multi stage kit that offers a smaller micron for the final result.

    Would be nice to have a pan added to the three stage kit to catch the remaining product at the end. Something that was resistant to the resin to make collection easy. I had a decent amount beyond the final 90 micron screen and using a pan was easy but would make the kit that much more user friendly.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    I would, it has given me enough product to want the expanded bowl kit to refine the process.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    I would, to every home grower that wants an easy way to get quality hash from their recent grow.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    beyond expectation. Made easy product from my sugar leaf and popcorn buds.

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