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    i get a floral berry and cream smell from the buds that is just hypnotic to me and the taste is floral and smoked cheese/cream a very pleasant smoke. it has a very nice mellowed out hybrid style high that can be used ANY time of day or night. high quality meds here guys!

    cured buds
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG

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User Comments

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  1. Dinafem-Mark
    Fantastic work and a great write up on one if our newer high cbd autos :thumbsup:

    The smells, tastes and flavours sound Devine and love the dry bud shots :thumbsup:

    Let me see if we can share this via our social media networks as it is a great ready of a strain very closed to my heart :thumbsup:

    Fantastic write up and sounds like she is performing as planned :pass:

    All the best

      Waira and tripaholic88 like this.
    1. tripaholic88
      You guys are at the top of the cbd auto game I can tell you that mark. I have been very impressed by each one I have grown so far
      tripaholic88, Jan 4, 2018
      Waira likes this.
  2. G.Leave
    Mmmm...great job as always bud!! They look fantastic
      Waira, Dinafem-Mark and tripaholic88 like this.
    1. tripaholic88
      thanks brotha this strain is far too easily consumed!
      tripaholic88, Dec 27, 2017
      Waira, Dinafem-Mark and 912GreenSkell like this.
  3. Waira
    :drool: :bravo: :bow: ....absolutely stellar job on this grow Trip! :d5: -- the buds look fantastic mate, nice density, lovely colors, and very well fuzzed-over with lots of fine trich's... :greenthumb:...sounds like despite the high CBD content, she still gives a solid clear-headed buzz.... aromatics sound delish! @Dinafem Mark has gotta see this if he hasn't already, that's catalog grade porn right there! :thanks: :cheers: :smokeout: Thank you for doing this review Trip', good stuff! Ima go look for your thread so I can rep' smack you proper...:evil1:
    1. tripaholic88
      thanks Waira! i really like this strain and it will be visiting my tent in the near future for my CBD needs thats for sure. and you got that right, VERY nice buzz for the CBD content
      tripaholic88, Dec 27, 2017
      Waira, Dinafem-Mark and 912GreenSkell like this.