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    Was sent to me for my honest review and showcase
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    This was a test unit, old school swap. Review and word of mouth for the product.
    Wanna send a huge shout out to @Dabpress for being able to test this item. The DP-100 is almost idiot proof once you figure out the timers but after that its all fun and games!!

    I myself, have never pressed rosin before. Always wanted to and then got the chance to test this item and finally make some rosin and smoke some of my own concentrates. Given the prices in the dispensaries i typically stayed away from the wax and shatter for two reasons. 1. I don't like solvents in my smoke. 2. The price of them is through the roof.

    The nice thing with this press is i can get a cheap ounce and press some buds and make my own concentrates and have some decent smoke and get some amazing flavors.

    So lets start with some un-boxing : First ill mention that the shipping on this item was AMAZINGLY fast, almost like it took a private jet and made it here over night.


    As you can see this item is well packed and protected for the shipment and everything made it in great working order.

    the construction on this item is solid and all the parts are quality from the fittings to the regulator to the plates and temp settings.

    One thing that is needed is a compressor of some type and they recommend a max PSI of 165. I picked up a 110 max PSI compressor and set it at max pressure and the results were just fine for a home guy. Maybe down the road i will get a larger one but my results were amazing with a 110 PSI unit. Ill leave those pics out as we all know what a compressor looks like.

    Once i got the unit out and tested for power and temp settings, i got to pressing some buds that i had.

    Few more shots of the unit

    Temp test, and the plates got to temp rather quickly.

    Now lets get into the good stuff....Pressure tests and the actual pressing of some buds.

    Full Press with temps a little higher than set temp. These plates will heat up beyond the set temp. Have to wait a few min for them to balance but they do balance out closer to the set temp. I ran this at these temps because I was running dual layered paper.

    End of a 60 second press at the set temps and as you can see they are in range of the actual set temp. This has been consistant for me every time I set a temp it will rise, then level out and hold at desired temp.

    As you can see the results were rather impressive for a first time.

    This is the last item that i pressed and it was some crystal candy and the results are just awesome.

    All in all i am impressed with this press....i have to say that the ease of use and the results are just what a guy at home would like. I havent had the chance to press keif yet or any bubble has but soon. I have a few plants that are finishing up and well make sure that they get their day in the press too!!

    Id say if you have the exta cash and want some great solventless product, dabpress would be the place to go to get an all in one unit and get to pressing some Dabs!!

    Thanks again @Dabpress you knocked this out of the park!
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Ease of Use, shipping and customer sdervice
    Plates could be a little bigger but this is a home unit and not for commercial use.
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    already have to the commercial farm that i am working on
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    More than i expected. Great product and easy to use

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  1. Unique
    Excellent Review! Nice Video's also.. Looks to press really well..:hookah::smokeout::headbang:
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  2. F.N.
    Excellent review I hate solvents. This is where it is at for extraction period.
      lunarman, FullDuplex and Unique like this.
  3. briman
    Great review Full Duplex! Love your video and pics to bring this press to life for the members and viewers! Bring on the terps!:eyebrows:
      F.N., Unique and FullDuplex like this.
  4. lunarman
    man the days of hot knifing seem a very long time ago. This is amazing tech to have for your own home operation.
    Did you end up buying it?
    Have you looked at making ejuice out of the rosin? Or dabbing only?
    Its crazy how we can get solventless with something as cold as ice, or something with some heat to it. C02 looks interesting too but $$$.
    1. FullDuplex
      Right, using the stove to heat some knives and get at it. Those days are long gone!! I got to keep the unit for my reviews and testing. I have to look into the ejuice thing but im more into using the genius pipe these days. No need for a torch and all that just stone and dab.
      FullDuplex, Mar 25, 2018
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