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Diesel Automatic

Author Rating:
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User Comments

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  1. Ron Paul
    fluffier than cotton. Haze buds are like that tho?
  2. iWumbo
    That looks like an amazing plant . Such dank looking nuggets with those pretty ginger hairs of fire:pass::toke::toke::smokeit:
      Dr. Babnik likes this.
  3. puggle6
    Ok, ima say it..

    Dude, that is an appalling result.

    No offence,

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    2. puggle6
      Sorry dude, 141 days for 1.3oz man your weather must suck!
      puggle6, Jul 12, 2017
    3. Dr. Babnik
      You can harvest your mediocre weed after 8 weeks. Or you could let the plant mature and get good weed. That's up to you. You harvest when you like - I harvest when I get good stash.
      Dr. Babnik, Jul 13, 2017
      fettled6 likes this.
    4. puggle6
      Just looks a bit over baked,... your gig my man, I'm not a hater!


      puggle6, Jul 13, 2017
      Flash likes this.
  4. SPZ
    Diesel is one of my favorite stains, keen to try growing it as an auto. Thanks for the review.
      Dr. Babnik likes this.
  5. F.N.
    That is one nice looking Diesel.
      Dr. Babnik likes this.