Dinafem Auto Amnesia Xxl

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    What can I say, this is one of the easiest strains ive ever grown. Vigorous growth from the get go, nicely stacked cola, dense buds, and great resin production.
    She responded well to lst and filled out a 15l pot no problem. I almost forgot about her half the time because my other plants were being assholes lol.
    Seriously if your considering this strain then go for it, you wont be disappointed

    Smoke report in my grow journal

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  1. dickfitzwell
    "Bet it smokes great"
    Nice job.:pass:

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  1. Briteleaf
    Am growing one now. Started it in mid May indoors. Planted it in a half wine cask of organic soil outside. Did LST using little hoops of wire to hold plant close to the ground early on. Pegged all the side branches down to the dirt as well. Have pic of her at 60 days. Now, at almost 70 days, she has almost a dozen colas filling in. The smell is sweet but the plant is out doors so don't know how it would be enclosed. She is a monster and am looking forward to a huge harvest. Lots of trichomes and this plant loved to be trained. It's my first time to try the amnesia xxl but I'm already knowing that this plant is one of my most favorites. Her leaves are sativa and dark green. The only nutes she got were coffee ground tea. No bugs, no fungus, no problemo. Can't figure out how to add a pic but she has massively filled in since my last photo anyway.
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  2. niceneasy
    Nice, I do like an Amnesia. How was the growing smell, very strong?
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    1. hashead
      Fairly pungent alri, especially around day 60!
      hashead, Jul 17, 2019
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  3. Jc420bigbud
    Looks tastey !
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