Dinafem critical plus cbd auto

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€43 or $53.34 for 5
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I won these at the Summer Solstice Party from @dinafemmark
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Yes. Not for testing. Prize from 2017 Summer Solstice Party
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I am a first time grower of my own cbd meds. The oils work great, from hemp, but the entourage effect exists. 1:2 thc:cbd ratio is perfect for me.
Growing it was awesome, started a little slow, I wanted to give up but didn't and Next thing I know she took off like a bat outta hell. Feeding wasn't an issue she took whatever I threw at her.
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110% and then some if that's possible.
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Anyone that wants relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep. Easy to work on but very very relaxing.
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Without a doubt.
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Certainly. I have already.
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@dinafemmark this is awesome. Great genetics. I can't wait to try the other strains cbd and non cbd.
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