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    dinafem dinamex
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    i grew this as i haven't realy grown sativa strains before or dinafem genetics or strains so i got stuck in they were in 15 ltr autopots fed on full remo feed . i ran this lovely lady till around 80 days and she was 20 pcent amber by them and thats how i like it she gave me some of the strongest weed ive grown she tastes awesome a bit fruity and she gives me the munchies like no other :headbang: also as normal i run some bho off all my bottom buds and left overs and i got the most beautiful shatter ive ever made you can see by the pics and 1 more thing i got over 6oz off her so bonus:drool:
    20180416_092955.jpg t.png 2.jpg

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  1. Medimadness
    Fantastic looking strain have heard good things, will be attempting a grow myself to see what medical benefits it has and write a review. Very interested in "social" bud and looking to add a sativa

    Wasit a tough grow?
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    2. Medimadness
      Excellent, Dinafem is one of my fave breeders. Got another 60x60x140 tent going up, looks like quite the beast I guess I'll need most of that space if not all lol.
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
    3. St. Tom
      dont think you can grow wrong with dinafem im growing 2 critical 2.0 just dont go mad on the feed little and often they seem to prefer
      St. Tom, Oct 30, 2018
      Medimadness likes this.
    4. Medimadness
      Tbh I've found that with a lot of resilient genetics, it's like they feed as much as they can as quickly as they can so when you give them a lot it goes right to the thighs so to speak lol it's like some plants have eyes bigger than their bellies. Are you doing a journal for the critical? I'm interested to see their development
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
  2. Chong's Cousin
    What medical benefits did the strain provide? Great grow
    1. St. Tom
      Not sure sorry pal more of a social strain for for me but she's a super plant for that
      St. Tom, Jun 7, 2018
      Chong's Cousin likes this.
    2. Chong's Cousin
      Very COOL! Might pickup some very soon,thanks bro-Happy Growing!
      Chong's Cousin, Jun 8, 2018
  3. G.Leave
    I would love to hear about the medical effect of this strain...great job growing her out!!
      Chong's Cousin and Auto melt like this.
  4. archie gemmill
    pretty buds,lovely looking run for bottoms,great size.
    nice job :thumbsup:
      912GreenSkell and St. Tom like this.
    1. St. Tom
      Only run I've done that I ended up with shatter it's normally crumble
      St. Tom, May 2, 2018
      archie gemmill likes this.
  5. F.N.
    That is one nice looking plant it is HUGE great job my man. And very nice write up.
      912GreenSkell likes this.
    1. St. Tom
      thanks pal shes my pride and joy plant and will take some beating
      St. Tom, May 1, 2018
      chefdave likes this.