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    Really enjoyed this grow, gave me some of my best looking buds to date, bag appeal is 10 out of 10. Takes a bit of time on the cure but with patients you are rewarded with great smoke. It may even catch you out and make you wobble a bit... made me wobble on my first try.





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  1. epenguin
    "Cheesy Peas"
    Not grown this one, but after Slaters review, it should be on your list. If this delinquent can grow such a stunner, then there is hope for us all. Seems to like a good long cure....nothing wrong with that.
    Top job Slater.......well done chum, and a fine review.


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  1. Mizzo81
    @Dinafem-Mark do u know the CBD %. I saw on your website that thc is medium at 9-13% but CBD just said high.
    Dude I come back and look at this thread literally every other day! It's SO gorgeous! I wish I had some cheese to do, never had any but it sounds like my kinda ride.
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    1. Slater
      She was a wonderful lady to care For. You can't go wrong with Dinafem, buds super chunky and dense... and if anyone ever say's LED's don't work , send them to this post... soon as i get chance I will grow her again.
      Slater, Jun 27, 2017
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  3. HippieWarrior
    Nice looking stuff. Congratulations on a successful grow.
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    1. Slater
      thanks dude
      Slater, Jun 27, 2017
    Awesome review! I hope one day to be able to present my very own review. When I do I'm taking notes bro, stellar grow!
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  5. Mizzo81
    Sweet review. Really nice looking plant. I see 1:1 do u know the actual levels.
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    1. Slater
      Thanks man... would love to find out but we don't have testing in the UK... yet.
      Slater, Jun 27, 2017
  6. Notaclue
    Seeing that's has put me off the joint I'm smoking right now!! Top job there mate!
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  7. budelee
    Nice review Slater. Dinafem always has some topshelf gear!! I have a few DF strains in the cabinet at all times!!(and a few more growing now)
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    2. budelee
      Ahh!! Yer gonna love WW, done it twice, and have two more growing!!
      budelee, Jun 22, 2017
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    3. Slater
      Widow has been on the bucket list from the start (being the best we ever got back in the day...now its my turn) just been waiting for the right breeder that produce's the best widow and after looking at the journals Dinafem wins hand down.
      Slater, Jun 23, 2017
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    4. NugNoob
      I just finished growing my Seedsman freebie WW and I am very surprised by how good it is. You just can't go wrong with WW. I wish I could do DP WW vs Dinafem WW next... but Sept 1st ya know... Oh well. I am happy with my Dinafem CJ that is finishing now.

      Nice report Slater, thanks!
      NugNoob, Jun 25, 2017
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