Dinamed Kush Cbd Autoflowering

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    dinafem seeds
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    gifted for test
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    25.00 € for 3
    well where do i start this strain was grown for pain relief and as others i was sceptical how good cbd is for strong pain like sciatica and arthritis as my other half has them both and is on lots of pharma pain medication and shes was so impressed with it and she doesnt smoke cannabis :pass: but i gave her first test go with my grasshopper through my water rig and boy she loves it even asking me for her go now so wow :vibe:im also planning on using 2 oz of it for rso for her shes so impressed and loves the purple buds:drool: also this lady was the most beautiful plant ive grown period but see your selves with the pics also the biggest thank you ever to @Dinafem-Mark
    20190829_153840.jpg Screenshot_20190730-230728_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190811-151833_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190823-124412_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190828-120549_Gallery.jpg 20190904_145816.jpg 20190904_145913.jpg 20190904_145948.jpg 20190904_150126.jpg 20190904_150408.jpg 20190904_150518.jpg

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  1. Machamillion
    "Looks great"
    Does it contain any thc? My wife doesn’t smoke but wants a cbd strain that we can press for oil. Thanks and great grow.
    1. St. Tom
      So its nearly all cbd I can also press some in the next few days and show you the results my friend as I have a press also as I said I went with this strain as it's just cbd and for pain its amazing and in 65 days

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  1. Roger Dee
    wish I could get some seeds here
    1. St. Tom
      Thanks for taking a look at her growbro
      St. Tom, Sep 16, 2019 at 9:30 PM
    Just beautiful buds for sure! Love the color. Glad it works well for her.
    1. St. Tom
      happy wife happy life lol and thanks for checking her out
      St. Tom, Sep 15, 2019 at 11:02 AM
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  3. Hazefade
    Harvesting one next week! Excited since it looks very much like yours. Definitely popping another seed of this.
    1. St. Tom
      if you take any pics or have a journal tag me please bro also how long have you let her go
      St. Tom, Sep 15, 2019 at 11:02 AM
  4. Jimshorts69.99
    That is amazing looking!! I like the cbd to thc content. That would be an awesome strain for the hemp only states
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  5. MrOldBoy
    Absolutely gorgeous
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  6. andreas
    That looks tasty , looking for a strain myself for sciatica
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  7. Chronic_ passion
    This has helped a lot thanks. It was in my basket already but now it's in the post!
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    1. St. Tom
      Just go easy on the food with her and she will just do her thing with no fuss and thanks growbro
      St. Tom, Sep 8, 2019
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  8. Prez2.0
    This just landed on my future projects list
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  9. AltheGardener
    Beautiful outcomes!
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  10. Bigg Al
    Omg!!:worship: This looks great!! I must get me some of these for my wife!! Great review! Will let my wife read!!
    Thank you !!:headbang:
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    1. St. Tom
      Your welcome my friend
      St. Tom, Sep 7, 2019
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