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    Mephisto seed comapny
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    100 candian
    Mephisto is on the cutting edge of Autos, They are one of the first companies that blurs the line between PHOTOS and AUTOS simple as that. They have never cease to impress. I have never been let down in Germination rate or size or potency. The first two pictures are Double Grape, The next two are TOOF DECAY IMG_4380.JPG IMG_4387.JPG IMG_4403.JPG IMG_4413.JPG

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Recent User Reviews

  1. MedCzech
    "Looking so sweet and tasty man, nice color too!"
    I really have to get this one going in the garden, she looks sweeet!
  2. G.Leave
    "Wow great review man!!"
    Beautiful buds man!! Wow, very well grown! I sure do want some!

User Comments

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  1. Blamo
    those all look amazing. that double grape makes me want to grow one.
  2. Chong's Cousin
    Final dry weight per Double Grape @F.N. ? Thanks for all your help
  3. Chong's Cousin
    What day did you start flushing on @F.N.
  4. Chong's Cousin
    Great work @F.N. !!! Have one on day 23 was wondering if you could provide me your water & feed sched for the double grape? I would greatly appreciate any and all advice for this girl!! Thanks in advance!!! Salute!!:vibe::worship::bump:
      F.N. likes this.
  5. Mizzo81
    Really nice review. Now I'm looking forward to my beans coming even more. Got some double grape and blue toof. Hope my girls can compare.
      Chong's Cousin and F.N. like this.
  6. gdfan
    dam boy the girls are looking good I just got my hands on some beans from mephisto everything that ive read or the pictures that I have seen shows that they are five star breeders I picked up both " WALTER WHITE" and "ALIEN -VS- TRIANGLE F2" I'm waiting for the summer solstice 6/21 to pop em
    thanks for the nice pics
      Chong's Cousin, Gauge Steel and F.N. like this.
    1. F.N.
      Mephisto has blurred the line you cannot tell they are autos from photos simple as that. You will love there gear
      F.N., May 12, 2017
  7. SpliffScot
    Great review.

    I let Toof Decay maybe let run a little late (both times) (Mephisto Auto's can produce copious ambers here - small cabinet 2x 300 Mars 5w leds - small growspace << totally tortured and LST'd ) and totally couch locked on the Toof Decay. For a day time smoke that provides decent pain meds (for me) without being 'over stoney gotto sit down' I would recommend Sour Hound and to a lesser degree Sour Crack.

    I'm looking forward to some of the xx's tho.
      Chong's Cousin, Gauge Steel and F.N. like this.
  8. TheJesus
    Shit looks dank!
      Chong's Cousin, Gauge Steel and F.N. like this.