• SeedBank :

    Dutch Passion.


    Auto BlackBerry Kush.

    Did it autoflower?:

    Yes after about 18 days.


    Plagron light soil.



    Light (kind and schedule):

    GNs Holographic Series 1 at 20/4.

    From seed to harvest date:

    82 days.

    Dry Yield:



    Love love love this strain it's gone straight to the top of the charts for look,smell,flavour and strength and I'm already eyeing up another BBK run.
    The smell when you open up a jar of cured BlackBerry Kush is like nothing else,as soon as the volatile terpenoids hit your nose your and tastebuds it's overwhelming....you get a bit of Kush and berries but it's lemon and lime zest that dominate so very high Limonene production from this lady, you also get toffee mints on the back of the pallet and the combination is just delicious. Its the actual strength of the smell while curing that's impressed me,it's as strong now as the day of harvest.
    The buzz is as intoxicating as the smell,it's a very stoney high that can wield you to the spot,incredibly relaxing and soothing buzz which is just lovely in the evening after work to help unwind. I can see the BlackBerry Kush having great medicinal value for anxiety and insomnia.

    RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good

    BAG APPEAL: *****

    I will let the pictures do the talking here lol.

    THE GROWTH: *****

    Very fast with quite a bit of stretch in her,don't be alarmed if you have above average intermodal spacing.

    THE SMELL: *****


    THE SMOKE: *****

    Absolutely delicious.

    THE HIGH: *****

    Long lasting high and very relaxing.


    Video of grow.


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