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  • Company Name:
    Elite Nutrients
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Supplied test kit
    Purchase Price:
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  • Positives/Benefits:
    My test experience started out a bit shakey and the plants were seeing some deficiencies . After adjusting the strength the plants started thriving,
    Hmmmm, nothing negative sticks out, one thing that is an opinion is that, this kit does require multiple bottles to have a complete feed, if a person is into the "kiss" method, this might be too much.I do not think the number of bottles is excessive, but some might...
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Yes i would.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Yes. Very good overall coverage.

User Comments

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  1. L0wbob2017
  2. F.N.
    That is some nice looking ELITE fed plants and a great review
      Maria Sanchez and budelee like this.
    1. budelee
      Thank You Bro! These are highly rated by most if not all of the test team..There was enough supplied to get me through another 4-8 harvests!!
      budelee, Jun 14, 2017
      BigSm0, Maria Sanchez and Belivitez like this.