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    The grow: except some bud rot due too much girls in too small space, was really easy and effortless..
    It took it longer than stated times but yield wise I only profit by that.. I got 3+OZ plants what is really record for my growing..

    SmeLL : You can tell that it has some skunk herritage, In grow smell wasnt really loud, but after drying and curing, Oh my fckn god, That girls should wash her feet coz she stiiinks!!! If so bad that If I left rolled joint in my house whole house would stink like moFo..

    HiGh: Im not much a High tester and explainer, it slowly get on your shoulder, I'm smoking for 17years and Im a every-night smoker for last 13years, so I never get any strong psychoactive effect, So FaV just really settle me down, and relaxes me, and after some time munchies kick in..
    Taste wise its smooth smoke but I cant tell you , is it earthy sweet or piney, coz It isn't, my smoke got that unidentified flavor, but its not weed you will enjoy smoking just for taste of it.. But for me It gets job done, and that is I can fall a sleep after couple of sputniks.. (sputnik=really big joint!)

    I hope I did this review right

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  1. CoviklaFlaire
    @Rebel is maybe badge avaible for heavyweight seeds??
  2. CoviklaFlaire
    @Rebel can I get heavyweight seeds badge??
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    1. Rebel
      We don't have one yet... I'm on badge hold until further notice... Sorry bud! I can get you another badge tho...
      Rebel, May 10, 2018
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  3. PeterGreen
    I've heard a lot of people complaining about how strong the smell was early on? Strange.....ive got 5 germinating now so I guess I'll see :) thanks for the info though.
    1. CoviklaFlaire
      Nothing to be worried about... Even In drying it doesn smell very much..But after few days in jars..Ohh my fckn god.. But I love that skunk like smell.. And yes can taste be like ashy? I cant really dig whats the taste..
      CoviklaFlaire, Jul 5, 2017
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  4. Micron Creek
    It is a shame it doesn't excite the palate, but you are certainly right meds are always useful.
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  5. trailanimal
    good report. F&V sure gives, like you I found the the taste uninteresting
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    1. CoviklaFlaire
      I have feeling that If I havent squeeze 6girls in 1m2 tent, it would be around 90g plants..
      CoviklaFlaire, Jul 1, 2017
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  6. Rusty_Shackleford
    Great review! Have some jarred now. Smells of chocolate cheese and berries. Out of the 3 I've grown I've got 3 different phenos all were different, so maybe the next one you pop will be a tasty one ;)
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    1. CoviklaFlaire
      Thank you,From looks all of my 3 girls were the same,but it doesn't matter for taste... There is so much autos to try..
      CoviklaFlaire, Jul 1, 2017
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