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    I have now grown 3 of these. So far i have had 3 different phenotypes and all have been a treat to grow. My first two suffered as i switched grow mediums and wasnt dialing the ph in properly but i got it. Shes not the densest strain ive grown but she makes up for it in her beauty and smell. They all had a similar stone. A very good indica stone without being tired and i dont get much munchies either. Its good stuff if you like indicas.

    Fastberry #1 smelled straight like blueberries. Ended up getting 31.5 grams off her.

    Fastberry #2 didnt smell like berries at all. Skunky and piney. 33.5 grams.

    Fastberry #3 out of the 3 shes my favorite pheno. She smells like a skunk had a berry brunch and farted. She has a very strong odor. 69.4 grams.

    Here is some fastberry #3 photos 20190804_070750.jpg 20190804_070735.jpg 20190811_092055.jpg fastberry #2
    20190621_100335.jpg 20190711_135448.jpg 20190715_172839.jpg fastberry #1 more photos in journal 20190621_100203 (1).jpg

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  1. Wdoug58
    I just finished drying two Fastberry plants and jarred them up today. I got my seeds same place as you. I planted four in 3 gallon pots and it was the first time I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest mixed in with Happy Frog. Soil ended up be too hot I believe and two of the plants were stunted and I disposed of them, the other two grew tall but spindly and I only ended up with about 33 grams from each of the two remaining plants. Can't remember if I topped the two plants at all, I grew them outside and was only topping about 50% of the plants I grew.

    My buds are so dark purple they appear almost black and have a sweet berry smell.
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  2. bhaskara_phoenix
    Looks great bro! And just look at those hands! You could be a hand model you wanna come display my bud throw ya some freebies lol! That is one hell of a bud on the left side of the plant how much was that cola?
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  3. 7.62
    That looks mighty tasty! :drool:
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  4. St. Tom
    some wonderful buds my friend great review
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  5. Mcdee
    Nice job bud! I got the assberries phenom lol. Was nice bud, Fastbuds are on point.
    1. Boognelson87
      Assberries lmao!
      Boognelson87, Aug 14, 2019
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  6. Doctorwho
    My friend your garden is beautiful. What colors man. I hope my Afgani will turn out half as nice and big. I’m a first time Autoflower grower 50 days old 20 days budding to be exact. That’s the reason I was happy to find this site. Again I think you should be darn proud of your grow. Good tip on Fast Buds.
  7. automan2
    All 3 are nice looking plants. Love the color. Fastbuds seem to have some good genetics.
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    1. Boognelson87
      Thanks They are i really love the g14. On my 6th grow with jt
      Boognelson87, Aug 14, 2019
  8. dickfitzwell
    If it was legal to, I would have you mail me some but to risky.
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    1. Boognelson87
      Maybe one day
      Boognelson87, Aug 14, 2019
  9. dickfitzwell
    that's a shame it almost looked like a blue berry it has so much color in it. :drool:
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    1. Boognelson87
      The dark purple pheno held all its color. Shes a looker thats for sure.
      Boognelson87, Aug 14, 2019
  10. dickfitzwell
    super purple in some pics all of it looks great. :pass:
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    1. Boognelson87
      Thanks. The purple in the first 2 plants definitely lost alot of purple when drying.
      Boognelson87, Aug 14, 2019