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Female Seeds Northern Lights Auto

Author Rating:
Manufacturer of Product:
Female Seeds
Manufacturer Website:
Purchased From:
Provided as testers
Retail Price of Product:
$45 for 5 seeds
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
Did you receive this product for free?:
Your Intended Use of This Product:
Link to AFN Grow Journals of Product in Use:
Rate the Product Effectiveness:
Rate the Ease of Use:
Rate the Value for the Money:
Positives About This Product:
Classic Northern Lights
Negatives About This Product:
One of the phenos just stopped growing about 6 weeks into flower. I'm not sure what happened, but I haverested her earlier at week 8. She was used for edibles.
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
Medical patients
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
Would You Recommend This Product?:
Growers with time and space.
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Thank you for creating a close to vest northern lights strain
  • I germed two seeds and surprisingly got two different phenos. One tall narrow with super dense buds. The other was short and branched out with a big main cola. For some reason this pheno stalled growth around week 6 of flower. It wasn't showing any signs of issues. I chopped her at week 8 and used it for edibles. She still yeilded about an ounce. Both had tight node spacing and supported the flowers well. The taller pheno ended up being an awesome pheno. She went about 11 weeks. I had to supercrop her main cola to keep it from hitting the light. She was a solid yeilder. I almost took her at week 9, but glad I waited. She ended up putting on a color show the last two weeks. Yielded 77g dry. Her smoke was a little racy, but has seemed to calm as it set in. The smell is minty and earthy. A favorite amongst friends/patients.
    20180130_180837.jpg 20180121_112727.jpg 20180204_124301.jpg 20180204_124254.jpg 20180121_112253.jpg 20180112_144337.jpg

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    Grown under what light
  2. johnp540
    Pretty plant. Great job.