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Flo... "florian's Living Organics"

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  • Company Name:
    Florian's Living Organics
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    Gifted for test
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    I'm not an organics grower at the moment but when I do go full tree hugger Flo will be what I grow with. I started out a bottle organics grower and had some great success but no way near as what Flo grows. Man it grows the dank, best organics I've smoked by a long shot and so so easy to use, mix up the ratios with your chosen medium, leave a week, transplant, water and walk away.

    For the test I did a space full of Amnesia (photo) by seedstockers, 2 pots with Flo and 5 fed with Remo with my usual set up of coco, run to waste... It wasn't a test to see which was the best, Remo or Flo I just had the space at the time but I couldn't help but make some comparison along the way.

    To the right the 2 Flo pots at week 9 of flower


    The Remo fed end


    Remo did produce a slightly bigger bud (by not much) with more of a lighter green in colour and turp profile was more of a warm sweet fruit cocktail candy shop with one plant taking on a strong grape soda smell very pleasant and as usual no complaints from using Remo.

    Flo produce wonderful dense buds (HLG quantum boards for the win on that one, remo buds were just as rock hard), a slight smaller calyx with a turp profile of again fruity undertones but with earthy truffle edge with sprinkling of sick. Quite complex... one thing to note soon as I flipped into flower I would say the 2 Flo pots where ahead by a week from the Remo fed end of the space.

    Flo bud porn



    To concluded this, Flo is really great product and is super easy to use, perfect the beginner and expert alike... it grows the organic dank.

    German engerniering at its best but on a microbial biological scale.
  • Positives/Benefits:
    To many pro's to list but to mention a couple, its been one of the easiest grows I've had to do, water and walk away and the other its the best organics I've smoked by a long way.
    Didn't find any
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Yes, I plan to make it my go to organics brand for growing
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Yes, telling all the free range organic hipster types I pass
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    exceeded them

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User Comments

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  1. SecretAgentMan
    I have a current run that I tried Natures Living Soil for Autoflowers. Running two Short Stuff Gorilla Shizzle. At week 7 I started experiencing nitrogen and calmag deficiencies. I supplemented with calmag and mild nitrogen bat guano. They reduced their formula from their regular one for their auto formula. And I do not think the formula is sufficient for for tall bushy autos. You say you had no nutrient issues. I have the girls back on track at week 9. And have 2 more weeks with one and 3 or 4 with the other. I will try this on my next run. Thanks
  2. WombRaider
    This is exactly what I’m looking for I’ve given up on salt based ferts.
      Slater likes this.
  3. Blalack55
    I'm testing something like this now, did you add anything else to it or just water? I'm looking for help with mine and if I can buy this company I would like to try them, thanks for the review
      Slater likes this.
    1. Slater
      thank you @Blalack55 , I just used plain RO water though out the grow. I didn't need to add any more Flo but if I did it recommended top dressing and watering in.
      Slater, Sep 13, 2018
      Blalack55 likes this.
    2. Blalack55
      Ok cool that's what I'm doing in my life soil and I been talking to people and they all said the same thing about top dressing
      Blalack55, Sep 14, 2018
      Slater likes this.