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Forgotten Cookies

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    Mephisto genetics
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    Limited Edition sale
    100% germ rates, no problems with grow whatsoever. Very open structure, takes well to training and topping. I got a sativa leaning pheno which ran a bit longer. Chopped at 80 days thereabouts. Cut whole plant hung dry and jar for one day. Upon opening jars you will be hit with the smell of sugar cookies. Within 3 days it was a top notch smoke. Full flavor of cookies with a superb body and mind high. A bit racy at first then mellows after an hour to full body buzz. A must try for any grower IMG_20181204_063136.jpg

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  1. Tyler_Durden88
    I'm growing a couple of these right now and it's a odd growing plant. Long stems and long big leafs. It's difficult to train it how I want to with it's long skinny structure but their growing strong hope they are worth the pain in the ass.
      STILLSMOKIN likes this.
      Mine just kept stretching. Very open and Super easy to train.
      STILLSMOKIN, Dec 27, 2018
    2. Tyler_Durden88
      I don't like stretchy plants I like thick wide bushy ones so I get a nice full flat even canopy. I still have a nice canopy but theres alot of emptiness in it and thats wasted space that could be filled with other buds you what I mean. This strain would really benefit from a scrog net. Next time that's what I'll do. But the bud looks A1.
      Tyler_Durden88, Dec 27, 2018
    3. Ron Paul
      thats cookies for ya..every one ive run has been lanky
      Ron Paul, Jan 18, 2019
  2. lunarman
    Great review. Those flowers are white! I picked up a 3 pack got 5 during the BF sale. Will be growing some in the next grow or the one after. Would it be good for rosin?
      STILLSMOKIN and Mizzo81 like this.
    1. Mizzo81
      What I pressed was hard to collect but there was good amounts of it. Smelled amazing also your gonna like this more then the OD she can get big watch out mine was heading for 4’ till I snapped her neck. She had 36” long branches covered in frosty nugs. Light penetrate to the bottom. Bottom buds were good size and firm also. Amazing next level auto even with meph standards.
      Mizzo81, Dec 22, 2018
      lunarman likes this.
    2. lunarman
      oh man that sounds tempting. I'm growing 10 plants next run and I have so many new strains to try I keep shuffling the lineup. FC was in the MAYBE list but now I just put it in the YES list.
      lunarman, Dec 22, 2018
      I don't have a press but guessing by the amount of snow I would say yes
      STILLSMOKIN, Dec 22, 2018
      Mizzo81 and lunarman like this.
  3. Mizzo81
    great review. I found the same thing with her smell never went away just keeps getting better. I’ve had in jars for about a week now and it’s mouth watering. Somehow they smell like fresh out the oven while they’re warm cookies. Very terpy. Good producer too. I also chopped in the 80 day range.
      I find my nose in the jar more than a joint in my mouth lol!
      STILLSMOKIN, Dec 22, 2018
      Mizzo81 likes this.