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    Illuminauto sale
    Puzzle_1546296532012.jpg Very short, light feeder, and easy. Ran two of these in 5 gal not knowing they were such a compact strain. Really could have got away with a 2 liter grow judging by roots. Chopped at day 85 with 10% amber. Height was about 8 inches from dirt trained and 12 inches left alone. If I were to run again it would be sog 3 gal pots.
    Not much of a smell even after chop. Frosty as any other Mephisto I've done though.

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  1. 68grasshopper
    looks like you got some nice new year puff,with the stawberries an cookies , frosty as f*** :thumbsup:
      STILLSMOKIN likes this.
      I wish I still had some cookies! I smoke it before it makes full cure usually. But I've already smoked cookies and one Strawberries. Starting into this one now
      STILLSMOKIN, Jan 5, 2019
      68grasshopper likes this.
    Still hanging, but I will update yield when ready. My guess is close to 2.5 oz. The nugs are hard as rocks. Training definently wasnt easy at first, top and then start pulling over to get her to start stretching.
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  3. lunarman
    Nice job even getting this thing to grow IMO. I had one that I was so frigging tight it couldn't pop a pistil and I had to cull her. You did well to even get a few colas out of this plant. I will be curious if mine goes 85 days. Day 57 so far. And mine smells noticeably like berries actually. hoping it will be a nice med though. Got a lot of time invested in such a small plant.
      Mutley likes this.
  4. Boognelson87
    Beautiful "petite"ladies. What was your final yield or have you gotten that far yet
      Dry weight 56 grams so right at 2oz trained but looking at it dry i needed another week to really bulk up.
      STILLSMOKIN, Jan 5, 2019
      Boognelson87 likes this.
  5. Mizzo81
    Stocky little frosty ladies.
      Roasty McToasty and STILLSMOKIN like this.