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Fruit Auto

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    - 3 gallon fabric pot
    - Gold Label Hydro CoCo 60/40 Mix
    - 50 x 50 x 100 grow tent (space restriction unfortunately)
    - Kingbo 300w Led Light
    - a mini air-con
    - a monkey fan
    - Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter + 4'' extraction fan
    - Canna A+B, Cannazym,Canna Rhizotonic,Canna PK13/14,CalMag (4.2% N, 4.7% CaO, 1.7% MgO)

    20/4 light. Temperature high 26C-28C,RH is 45%-55%, every now and again it is 65% but mostly stays on 50% mark. pH 5.8 - pH 6
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Organic Sinse
    I have grown quite a few of these over the years, and it is hands down the best tasting and smelling grass I have ever grown. The smoke quality is there as well.
    nice job
    Trooperwife likes this.
  2. MrOldBoy
    "Super Grow"
    nice job can’t wait to see grow #2
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  3. jumper114
    Looks delicius

    Impressive first grow! Thanks ​

User Comments

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  1. TreyDogg
    What was yield?
    1. Trooperwife
      56g dry.
      Trooperwife, Apr 9, 2019
  2. Dinafem-Mark
    Thanks for the review mate :pass:

    All the best

      Trooperwife likes this.
  3. Mossy
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  4. hashead
    Ive just picked up a couple of these beans. You got a link to a grow journal or a smoke report?
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    1. Trooperwife
      I got a grow journal but haven't done a smoke report yet as they are still being cured.

      Trooperwife, Apr 4, 2019
  5. jumper114
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