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    This was my first ever grow and I am impressed.
    Grow Journal is HERE
    (Mostly) Painless grow in DWC - apart from a massive pH spike causing a lockout, I had very little issues.
    Remarkable since it was my first grow and I decided to use DWC to do it - I have never grown ANYTHING before. Ever.
    Final Yield is approx 270g from 2 plants under 2 x Viparspectra 600's
    Just before the Chop:
    First branch Harvested:
    Dry weight from the First Harvest:

    Total from the 2 plants was 275g and 80g of trim/popcorn.
    Not too shabby for a first time grower.

    I gotta say, I LOVE this smoke. :baked:
    It creeps up on you REALLY slowly over about 10 minutes.
    After 5 minutes you are thinking 'meh... not much there'
    10 minutes, you start to feel something.
    15 minutes, you realize you have been wasted for the last 10 minutes and are now reading random sites on the net...
    A great, relaxing smoke, but not overly recommended for daytime use. Turned my brain to mush - the ability to concentrate on something was thrown out the window..
    Have a second one and sleep is definitely not gonna be a problem.

    Bear in mind that This is from the first plant harvested - I left it to about 30% amber.
    The second one I harvested at 5% Amber, but it hasn't finished drying off yet.

    There is a great, almost tropical citrus smell from it which is getting slightly stronger whilst curing.
    Almost Grapefruit and a slight hint of Mango (I want someone to breed a Pomegranate strain).
    The smell carries into the taste of the smoke and you can almost feel your mouth pucker :D

    I think I am going to have some more right now :pass:

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  1. clubsmokey
    Damn for your first grow that does look fruitful
      Boradan likes this.
  2. F.N.
    That is one nice fast an vast. I love the High of it. It is a prime example my man
      Boradan and Maria Sanchez like this.
  3. Flash
    Dope grow!!!
      Maria Sanchez and Boradan like this.
  4. Saint Skinny
    @Boradan Fast and Vast is the only strain I've tried from Heavyweight but It was one that got me hooked on autos!
  5. St. Tom
    Can't beat heavyweight they are a breeze to grow also you can well and truly ditch the dealer
      Maria Sanchez, Doogal and Boradan like this.
  6. Doogal
    Awesome report and great grow dude. Glad everything worked out spectacularly in the end for you.:pass:
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  7. namvet25
    Very nice plant,great job.
      Maria Sanchez and Boradan like this.
  8. Girlarms
    Hilarious effects review...and an awesome result m rom your first grow...Congrats
      Maria Sanchez and Boradan like this.
  9. Saint Skinny
    Holy Canole, @Boradan ! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Thats phenomenal for a first harvest, even in DWC! Keep it up, Hombre!!!
      Maria Sanchez and Boradan like this.
    1. Boradan
      Boradan, Mar 8, 2018
      Saint Skinny likes this.
  10. Boradan
    To bring things into perspective.
    Up until this point, I have only paid for Weed.
    €25 per g
    I spent just under €1000 getting this all set up.
    This lot would have cost me €6875 to BUY
    I have saved myself almost €6000 (minus the electrical costs of running this grow) by growing this myself, and I do not need to rely on anyone to source my meds for me.
    1. Exotic Flower
      Exotic Flower, Mar 9, 2018
      Smowkabowl likes this.