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  1. Greenfingers.not
    I've just cut and dried 2 fruit punch auto from heavyweight. Check out my pictures of my 1st grow massive harvest from 2 plants.
    I have just cracked 2 fast and vast and 2 stardawg. Both times I've used heavyweight seeds they cracked. I've just made some butter with 2 oz of the fruit punch auto.
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  2. Doc39835
    Havent tried the fruit punch, but my last order of hvywt. seeds popped one out of 6.. Got them replaced thru seed bank, havent bothered with them yet. Fast and vast.
  3. CoviklaFlaire
    That is so sad..I got my best harvest of the fast and vast.. Except Dinafem and Mephisto, I don't trust Nobody..
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      This will not stop me from trying heavy weight again
      SOOTDAWG, Aug 24, 2018
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  4. Flash
    You’re nit only one with this problem happened to ma as well. And the one that did survive did not auto.... waste of my time and money.
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      I’m sorry to hear that. would be nice to get a word back from a representative to see what’s happening. Hopefully get some feedback To see what’s happening down the line I germinated like I always do paper towel method I even germinated other strains from other breeders side-by-side and I harvested those. I even went so far as to step out of my regimen and gave root riots a try as other members suggested...But to no avail
      SOOTDAWG, Aug 20, 2018
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  5. johnp540
    Sorry about your luck bud. I had some problems with 2fast2vast, same situation, I won mine here, but 4 managed to survive out of 10. Great smoke too. Soon as my money situation improves I’ve got to try buying some.
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  6. MisterG
    That's a real shame mine so far are all good, 2 out of 2 popped and sprouted, got one to harvest it was nice an the new one is on its way, i Recommend trying again with Fruit punch but not if you have not had success and are paying for them.
      Yes....was rooting for the lone fruit punch survivor out of both of us growers to take the heavyweight title for grow battle number 1
      SOOTDAWG, Aug 18, 2018
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  7. Archaic
    Seems to be a recurring theme with heavyweight. My dad had bad luck germinating a pack as well.
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      Yes I read.... slow to pop and no spunk to continue growth
      SOOTDAWG, Aug 18, 2018