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Genius pipe review

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  • Received one of these for testing.

    Thanks to genius pipes and afn for letting me have the honor of testing this awesome pipe.

    For flower and hash topped flower this unit is just wonderful.
    Has become my daily all day pipe.

    Such a great smooth hit for a dry pipe.
    In fact. My pops "also a smoker" does not like the typical dry pipe other than a 1 hitter. His lungs cant do it anymore. Took a road trip recently and he would not put my pipe down. He absolutely loves it. Both he and my mrs cough all day long hitting pipes or anything really.
    But both of them can enjoy smoking a dry pipe with the genius pipe and DO enjoy it more now. Pops loved it so much i had to get him one. As well.

    A little about the pipe.

    It is all metal and uses a screen. Magnetic super easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds
    20180218_135049.jpg 20180226_111053.jpg the 2 black pieces make the actual bowl. The silver part is just a fitted slide to snuff bowl or the little genius man as i call him , can be used for an easily controlled burn on your herbs
    15210425592041671282522.jpg 1521042675247201421167.jpg 15210427187422123535165.jpg
    The dimples that you see are on the inside part of the bowl. They actually cool the draw of smoke as you hit it. I have to say it does indeed work 100%as intended. Great hits to the end.

    Now. Cleaning.
    One of the biggest pain in the butts ever with the traditional dry pipe.
    Not this one.
    20180226_110603.jpg 20180226_110546.jpg 20180226_110641.jpg
    Literally i toss in sink. Douse in isopropyl.
    Wipe them off. Rinse with isopropyl and wipe again. Dry. Put screen back in or a new screen in. Done. 3 min. Brandnew clean.
    Does not even feel like a chore. Super easy and i LOVE that
    Best dry pipe i have ever used by a long shot.

    They also have attachments and accessories.
    They have a large selection of slider graphics and such.
    But they provided a g stone for me to test.
    My review of this stone does not reflect my review of the pipe at all.

    The g stone fits right in the slot after removing the screen. This accessory allows you to smoke your concentrates with the genius pipe like a normal pipe.

    Completely functional and super easy to do. Could be something for someone with out a dab rig to really enjoy. Providing a cheap alternative to buying an expensive rig or attachment and a torch and all that jive.
    I will say. For that purpose its good.
    The down side is that you have to put too much flame to it to get it rolling. Causing a lighter fluid like burn taste to the hit. That is my one knock on the g stone.
    They also have a different attachment for dabs that i think would be 10x better though. So there are other options that make this genius pipe just about an all in one device.

    All in all. I give the genius pipe a solid 5 star rating as a dry pipe. It kicks ass.

    Also. You can get a discount using
    ( Ash-a-ton ) as a code if you go shopping on

    Cheers everyone.

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