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Genius Pipe "Top Secret"

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Manufacturer of Product:
Genius Pipe
Manufacturer Website:
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Test and review item
Retail Price of Product:
Range from 59.99-119.99
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Did you receive this product for free?:
I did, this was received in return for my review of the product. Also received the concentrate stone with this test and a few spare screens.
Your Intended Use of This Product:
Delivery of Meds
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Positives About This Product:
Great design, slim and light weight.
large bowl, all aluminum construction will make it easy to clean
After a few sessions the pipe was still cool
Easy, free flow design for the draw
Hits like a glass blunt on steroids.

The dimple design on the inside brought the first hit through like a freight train. I don't quite know how to explain how it hit other than there was zero resistance. Flowed from the bowl to the mouth with zero effort. I dont see this thing clogging like a typical pipe.

After a few hits i wanted to see how the guts looked and the design does hold true to the claims. The dimples were catching the resin as the smoke progressed back towards the mouth piece. I can see a quick soak in alcohol cleaning this thing up in a snap.
Negatives About This Product:
So far only thing that i have seen is uneven burn if the slider is used. It will burn from the center have to remove it to stir. This could be technique as this is still new to me. Also once you start to use it with the slider on i noticed that the resin buildup can make it a bit harder to slide off without opening the pipe. I dont see this really as a draw back or negative as we all know resin gets sticky and no matter what the material its gonna get a little tacky.
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
So far so good, hits like a pipe should, has great air flow.
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
Anyone that wants a step their pipe game up.
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
I would, great design. Id have to say this is a room stopper if it gets passed around. Unique and completely different than anything i have ever used.
Would You Recommend This Product?:
I would, design and function are exactly what they claim.
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Steve and the team over at Genius,

Outstanding product, the thing is out of this world and extremely unique. Ive used a good many pipes, glass blunts, and bats over the years and this thing is completely different than anything i have used. Its definitely in a class of its own.
  • **Final Update 5/29**

    So this will be the final update as i have given this thing a run for its money. I honestly have to say that i will no long pick up my GravLabs steamroller. There is no point, the glass blunts have found their way back into the case and will remain cold for a long time.

    The way that this thing hits is nothing like any pipe that i have used to this day. every draw on the pipe is cool smoke, there is no heat, there is no burn, and there is no cough. I tried to hit thing thing hard and the cough never came. The nice thing is that you can put it away right after you use it, If there is still a little lit in the bowl, simply add the slider and tuck it away.

    Cleaning is a breeze on this thing too. I wanted to wait a few days, clog the screen, gum up the insides and see what it took to clean the thing up. I took a rag with some 90% iso and was able to WIPE the pipe clean. No need to scrup, no need to soak and break anything up. The only thing that was tough to clean was the screen and all it really needed was a good soak and then hit with some water to clean it up.

    Visually this pipe had me when i saw it. It was nothing like anything i had seen before and that alone made me want one. Then i got the tester in my hands and it was more than i expected as far as functionality as well as holding to its claims. It's cool, it's sleek and the damn thing is pure sexy.

    One pleased guy over here.

    **Update** 5/27
    as i promised i will progressively update this post, I want this to be an experience.as this is a new product to me and I figure the best way to share is real time.

    Im starting to see the role of the slider more. Great to hold stuff where it is if you are on the go. Can open a quick tap to get what you need and seal it up. If your home the slider can go and the experience changes a bit. I didn't think that it could have a better flow than it already did but tonight's run was to say the least, unique in its own right..

    Smooth mellow draw from the pipe, cool smoke enters the lungs and there isn't a single hint of a cough....

    Onto some pics. Ill be back in a week of use to give a little more info about cleaning and other tidbits for this guy. I wanted to get this up as soon as i tested it and it was fresh in my mind.

    What came in the package
    Open box....Concentrate stone and extra screens (for review)
    Slid open with all three parts....

    all parts....

Recent User Reviews

  1. Ripper
    "Great review"
    Pros - Tons of info
    Cons - None
    I have the same pipe and could not agree more with you on your assessment...

User Comments

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  1. Cookiefan00
    that looks craaaaaazy.:thumbsup:
  2. Waira
    :clapper: :thumbsup: :clapper: --- Wooow, I love the trick tech' that went into this design! It's just brilliant, and better still, equally effective and functional,... Machining quality looks very good, and would have to be for it to work so well,... and the ease of clean-up is a big selling point! Nobody wants a stanky rank tar smelly pipe- :nono:
    ... smoke stone is a great addition! That it hits so cool and smooth is a hugely nice feature compared to most basic pipes, and even some other "fancy" ones that are more fuss than effect,... :eyebrows: OK, time to start chipping in on my toy cash jar!
    1. Cookiefan00
      I hate smelly pipes. So I switched to Hemp Wick to lite my pipe and please do clean your bowl completely weekly
      Cookiefan00, Jun 1, 2017
  3. wwwillie
    Nice review, I want one!!
      Waira likes this.
  4. stepside
    Did it come with that afn logo?
      Waira, NugNoob and FullDuplex like this.
    1. FullDuplex
      LOL nope those are the ones that I make. That is on my stash box that was under the pipe for the un-boxing.
      FullDuplex, May 29, 2017
      NugNoob and stepside like this.
  5. johnp540
    Cool looks interesting. Might try and get one. Definitely in need of new smoking apparatus lol