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  • Company Name:
    Genius pipe
    Product/Service Website:
    Purchased From?:
    Purchase Price:
    I absolutely love this pipe and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    FBF7FEFA-6DDF-4224-BE56-51115215B25B.jpeg 25E4D656-8B2A-4FDE-A092-C9E22EDCAA3E.jpeg F7687BD3-6142-4EFB-9ADD-092EDCAE322F.jpeg 8B6C8258-F192-49AD-8BAA-A8630534FDF8.jpeg 017BB411-9DC6-4D2A-B1C0-EEC917F0A947.jpeg C7342C90-21B9-4A07-81E8-A954CE15F0F9.jpeg 3EB935CC-BA10-40AB-AB64-B3570443CEC5.jpeg 4DCFBD82-7097-4333-90D3-21D17AAF6C06.jpeg
  • Positives/Benefits:
    This product has a no cough guarantee and it is smooth to smoke with. Easy to clean and it looks awesome.
    I wish the bowl held more it is a little small
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Yes absolutely and beyond

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Recent User Reviews

  1. FullDuplex
    "Have one myself"
    glad to see others enjoy such a product

User Comments

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  1. lunarman
    I bought two of these pipes. One for me and one for a friend. We both found they did nothing for us. Still coughed a lot. Found the experience was not much different than other small pipes. The company was great to work with though and we got a refund so no complaints at all.
      briman likes this.
    1. Ripper
      Interesting as these pipes are not small.
      Ripper, Mar 12, 2018
      briman likes this.
  2. Waira
    :jointman: Ripp', I dig the "action" photo's, man! .... just be careful with that ZZ Top edition beard- :poof: :hothot: :rofl:.... Thanks for doing the review mate :d5:

    .... maybe make a little qwiso to try the stone out- :thumbsup:... I haven't tried the stone yet either, but now have a wee blob or two of qwiso made from cleaning the Bubble Bowls.... My thinking is if you use kief/hash, the ash produced may foul the stones porosity and screw with the performance of the vap'ing action,...?
    A nice bud base with heavy hash or kief frosting layer atop is a butt kickin' treat though! ... nailed a couple friends last night!:dizzy:..wish I had pics..:haha:
      briman and Ripper like this.
    1. Ripper
      Maybe some scissor hash next time I trim
      Ripper, Mar 4, 2018
      briman, kendar and Waira like this.
  3. briman
    Awesome Review Ripper! Have you tried the stone for concentrates yet? That is where the Genius pipe shines!:thumbsup:
      Waira and Ripper like this.
    1. Ripper
      Have not as we do not smoke them. But I was thinking of throwing some keif on it and smoking just that.
      Ripper, Mar 3, 2018
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