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    Genius Pipe
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    ..this was a Genius sponsored test product
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    First impressions of the pipe are very nice! The machining is very high quality, fit and finish too :thumbsup:To test the sealing, I tried to draw air through while all snugged up,... nearly nothing, just a tiny amount from under the slide cover, main body is clamped tight! Impressive,...:woohoo1:
    It feels absolutely billet stout in the hand, heft is considerable even as Aluminum...
    Magnets are powerful, but not obnoxiously so; it comes apart fairly easy but certainly won't just flop open.. ... The slide plate action is easy and secure....

    First impressions there are also very good,... It draws so easily, you have to be careful! Now, to see where I'm coming from, let me say I'm not a regular pipe user anymore, it's seldom called for with me,... Any pipe, no matter how well engineered, is going to hit more harshly than a bong or well rolled joint (at least the first half :biggrin:)... it's "direct injection" no matter how you slice it! That said, this is one of the best hitting pipes I've ever tried, though you really have to be gentle on the uptake because of the effortless draw,....the flow dynamics are like grease on glass :rofl:....
    Uncontestably cool smoke! With this pipe, I see myself enjoying smoking this way more often, way way better than my old beater wood pipe,...

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    >> high quality everything!
    >> smoking performance is excellent, engineering is LEGIT
    >> cleaning is a snap, and makes for a fresh tasting pipe all over again
    Because of it's slim depth, the bowl is shallow, limiting the amount you can put in,... If you use the slider plate, this requires even less put in, or the plate knocks the bowl contents around.... So, it's not a great group smoke-out tool, but I don't use pipes for that anyway!
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    Indeed, I would pay $$ for this pipe!
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    Yes, very highly....
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    :thumbsup: It fits the bill perfectly for my pipe needs!

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    "Nice Job Brudda!"
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  1. johnp540
    Great informative review.
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  2. briman
    Superb review Waira!:headbang: I too, am not real fond of pipes, but the smooth clean hit doesnt have much heat to it, which is what turns me off from smoking a pipe in the first place. The g stone for concentrates are where this thing really shines and for a dry dab, no throat irritation or cough, IF you forgo a long draw on it. :pass:
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