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    Freebie along with another small purchase
    I grew this strain out with no great expectations.

    I'd always thought I didn't really like haze strains. The racey high that I'd had from them in the past just didn't float my boat.
    Everything changed when I had my first few tokes on this strain...

    Growing this strain was an absolute delight from start to finish. She started out weird and had an early mutation but that basically just grew out into another main so it was almost as if she'd been topped but had zero stress.
    She shot up with vigour and became a pretty big girl in no time at all. Tops a'plenty and nicely spaced. Had to defol a little bit but nothing major. I did very little training and she grew into a big beautiful lady under my ghetto 600w HPS.

    As soon as flower kicked in, she was off and stretched a fair bit but remained very manageable. Buds were fast to form and covered the whole plant. No larf and the smallest buds still went in the jars, almost nothing went into the hash pile. Super sticky and frosty though, so would probably have made some nice melty bubble. I'm sure she'd be an excellent strain for squishing too.

    The calyx to leaf ratio is the best I've seen and the buds are extremely dense. They had a long and too humid dry which meant I lost around 3-4oz to mould. Normally I'd be devastated, but I still pulled 6oz of fantastic smoke from this plant so I'm not too bothered!

    Heavy, heavy yielding strain.


    Bag appeal is fantastic. Light green, super dense, hard nugs wrapped in a sprinkling of electric orange pistils.

    The smells I get off this after a few weeks curing are a heady mix of frankincense with a sweet black grape in the back. Very nice. The smells really translate to the taste of the smoke which is very thick and mouth coating but not harsh at all. No throat tickles and no coughing.

    The high has everything you'd want from haze genetics but without any of the jittery feelings that can sometimes crop up. Very giggly, very creative and you can really get in the zone with whatever you're doing at the time. This lasts around an hour before it trickles through your body and relaxes every ache and pain you might have without being too sedating.

    Seriously top shelf stuff. Those boys at @mephisto obviously know what they're doing and I hope to see this strain get general release in the future. It would be a shame to see this one go under the radar. DSCF3735.jpg
    And a little dried bud ready for for the bong.


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Recent User Reviews

  1. MrOldBoy
    "Excellent Grow - Report"
    thanks for sharing, looks solid
    Sleazyb, Frank Nitty and NiceOption like this.
    1. NiceOption
      Much appreciated!

User Comments

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  1. niceneasy
    Very nice mate, lovely looking plant. I do love a nice Haze plant,
      NiceOption likes this.
    Be here now! Good book and amazing man!
      NiceOption likes this.
    1. NiceOption
      well spotted!
      NiceOption, Mar 23, 2019
  3. Moabfighter
    Nice grow man. So it’s fine to harvest with all those white pistols?
      NiceOption likes this.
    1. NiceOption
      Haha no! That was a slightly earlier shot. Had to harvest in a bit of hurry and didn't get any shots right beforehand. Trichs were a touch undercooked at harvest time but due to the long, full plant dry they turned a little more during the hang (that's not a myth!)
      NiceOption, Mar 22, 2019
      Moabfighter likes this.
  4. Vicent Van Grow
    Sounds and looks amazing mate, really need to start ordering direct to get my hands on a few of these :biggrin: Very well done indeed :thumbsup:
      NiceOption likes this.
    1. NiceOption
      So many reasons to order direct. You're really helping out the breeders by doing so too. Margins get pretty tight for breeders when dealing with distros.
      NiceOption, Mar 21, 2019
      Vicent Van Grow likes this.
  5. paddler54
    Beautiful girl there, the bud porn is lovely. Mephisto has some very dank gear for sure!:slap: I look forward to your next review.
      NiceOption and Vicent Van Grow like this.
    1. NiceOption
      Thanks bud!
      NiceOption, Mar 21, 2019
  6. Froot n Fuel
    beautiful plant and excellent report my man well done :pass:

    here's hoping we see another drop of Ghost Stomper :cheers:
      Vicent Van Grow and NiceOption like this.
    I think I have said the same thing about all the limited editions or illuminautos That Mephisto has produced.MAN! they should really add this to their catalogue.What a shame about the mold loss though but those big dense sticky nuggs are the first to go.So Haze isn’t all bad though huh? I am sure you would love Fantasmo too and probably any of their strains.Fugue State is one of my new loves also pretty much perfect as autos go when grown in a happy environment.:pass:toke up and enjoy!:GNReview:
    1. NiceOption
      Haha yeah, well I think it was misconceptions from smoking black market haze strains that had been cut too early. Mould wouldn't have been an issue but I left them drying unattended whilst I was on holiday and the mould crept in due to high RH in the space. An impressive yield never the less. I have my eyes on so many Meph strains but Fugue State is up there. Need to get my hands on some Skywalker first I think...
      NiceOption, Mar 21, 2019
      Froot n Fuel likes this.
    Holy cow this grow is amazing! excellent job for sure. Do you let all your trichomes amber out? I am just curious as it looks like golden trichomes covering the bud. Thanks for the review, I'm on the lookout now!
    1. NiceOption
      Thanks! They're probably at about 10% amber, but I cut around 5%. A lot more turned during the slow drying process.
      I think that brass grinder may be making the bud look more golden that it is. 10% seems perfect for this strain. Mellows it out enough without losing it's upbeat quality.
      NiceOption, Mar 21, 2019
  9. Iriee Vibez
    Awesome review, Nice! Those are some impressively colas, and it sounds like the smoke was even better! Thanks for sharing your experience!:slap:
    1. NiceOption
      Thanks dude!
      NiceOption, Mar 21, 2019
      Vicent Van Grow and Froot n Fuel like this.
  10. lunarman
    wow. What a beast of a plant. And lovely looking at the same time. That was a freebie but not an illuminauto?

    In that first picture it looks like you're attempting to show us your thumb, but its so small I can barely see it! :smoking:

    nice review too. So is this the new way to do reviews/reports for Mephisto instead of that sticky up top for smoke reports? I think its a good way to go compared to the old way.
    1. NiceOption
      Thanks buddy, my first attempt at a review. I'm not sure about the sticky up top thing but this seemed like the most sensible way to do it.
      NiceOption, Mar 19, 2019