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GN Holographic series 1 review by TaNg.

  • I've been using a pair of the HS1s for 5 months now so it's about time I did a review.


    Holographic Series 1 by Grownorthern. Manufactured by GN in the UK.




    1.2m x 1.2m room with 2 HS1s used.


    The Holographic LED Module uses the following LEDs:
    Production Spectrum 1.0
    • Deep Red. 20 LEDs, (650-660nm)
    • Royal Blue, 4 LED’s, (440-445nm)
    • Warm White, 4 LED’s, (2700K warm white)
    • Cool White, 8 LED’s, (5650K cool white)
    • Infra-Red, 1 LED (725nm)




    Of all the advanced technologies used in the LED grow light the most unique is the holographic optical system. This smart 3-part optic is the first truly homogenous and variable light distribution technology for the LED grow light industry.
    The first 2 stages of the optical system take the LED light and collimate it into a narrow beam, focussed at ‘infinity’ with little divergence.

    This light is then delivered into the 3rd stage, a holographic diffusion optic which is comprised of an optical grade polycarbonate with a micro structured surface which acts as if covered with millions of tiny micro lenses. These blend the different light wavelengths together and also remove any illumination hot spots, projecting a light field with perfectly even intensity from centre to edge


    Very high quality build and components with seemingly no expense spared,even the LED modules are machine soldered for uniformity rather than hand soldered like many others.


    Full 3 year warranty.


    Huge value for money as my energy bills have plummeted and I'm getting the same production with 150w as I was with over 400w of GNs previous Modular Series.



    Very impressive performance in veg and the 2 Autos I've grown under them were well over a meter tall with plenty of biomass. The good health of the plants is easily noticeable in the rich deep green of the leaves. I did have a calcium def start on the Kush but as soon as I started adding liquid calmag her thirst was quenched,what really impressed me was how the damaged leaves didn't get dried out by the lights,had they been under my previous lights that don't have the Holographic Diffuser to blend and spread the light I would have had a lot of dry and crispy leaves. What the diffuser does really well is eliminate the hot stops.

    BlackBerry Kush after 40 days of veg growth.

    Auto Euforia after 50 days of veg growth.

    Photoperiods veg well too,here's a Blue Velvet after 40 days at 20/4 the same schedule I give Autoflowers.


    Again I was very impressed with the performance of the HS1s both in yield and quality. GPW is a little difficult to work out as I used just 1 light over them for the first 37 days but after the full 100 days (Euforia was a slow coach for an Auto)at 20/4 I got 390g dry from the 150w in soil.

    Auto BlackBerry Kush in bloom.

    Auto Euforia in bloom.


    I wish we could calculate trichomes per watt because that's what it should really be about lol. The trichome production I've had under the HS1s is like nothing I've had in the past,the 4 plants I've flowered under them were just dripping with huge crystals and the terpene production was off the hook,its like someone has turned the volume up on the smell since I've hung these bad boys up.


    Auto BlackBerry Kush.

    Auto Euforia.

    Chem City Blues.


    I've been growing with LEDs and watching others grow for over 3 years now and nothing has impressed me as much as these,I will admit even me GN fan boy #1 was a bit apprehensive of how well the 75w lights would perform but it didn't take long for me to be convinced I had something very special hanging in my grow room.....yield,quality,canopy penetration and density,all these boxes were ticked with a HUGE marker pen lol. These things are even whisper quiet (please see video below).
    Overall I'm made up with these lights and I'm saving to kit out my other room I'm that impressed.


    Link to grow.


    Link to GN.


    Link to video of noise demo.


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  1. bobby silver
    Hi TaNg can you plz help me out I’m growing fast buds auto gsc and six shooter. And for mutes I’m using conissure A and B grow and b52, vodoo juice, big bud, over drive, bud candy and connissure A and B bloom. Can you plz tell me how much and when I could use them tnx bro.