Grasshopper from Hopper Labs

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Hopper Labs
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Test unit
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200$ US
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This stainless steel model was provided by Hopper Labs as a test unit
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Vape on the go, with a discreet unit.. A unit to take on the go
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The Grasshopper is a sleek portable unit with good battery time, the batteries are also priced reasonably.. The GH is discreet and easy to use, the unit is made for dry vaping herbs through convection and the herb will never touch a flame or hot coil which would create smoke.. The Grasshopper units are UNBELIEVABLY fast getting to temp!! NO e-juice to spill!! The kit does come with accessories and can attatch to a bong/water pipe!! Did i say LIFETIME warranty-you better believe it!! The Hopper Crew really nailed this product
Negatives About This Product:
And now for the yang... The unit does come with a silicon cover for the mouth piece but if the unit is overworked it can get hot. The chamber may be small for a multi user sesh, it holds approx 1/2 gram which is good for about 4-10 hits ( depending on heat setting/quality of herb) .. It is recommended to only use the supplied charger and factory batteries
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anybody who enjoys canna
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I would very much recommend the Grasshopper to anyone looking for a simple, durable, reliable, and sleek, **smoke free** unit for home or the office!!
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Hi Hopper Crew: Thank You for supplying the test units for the team, you guys have really done your homework! This unit performed flawlessly and i will watch for new updates/parts on your webpage

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  1. Arsenal
    I was skeptical when I bought this but the review on AFN was favorable; however, when searching online reviews, they were not kind so I was nervous! Well I must say it is a very handy device. I own a Firefly 2 and Davinci IQ and like them but the styling of the GH vape was just to cool to not try it. The tip does warm up quickly but I never use it long enough for it to matter. I don't think the vapor quality is as good as my Firefly 2 but it is good and produces a full mouth sensation, so you feel like your getting something - this is not the case with my other vapes, sometimes I wonder if I got anything with them b/c there is no exhale although there is a good taste in your mouth! GH vape will get much use and now I have a lot of variety!
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  2. lloyd
    Does anyone know if offers a discount for AFN members?
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  3. BII
    Although they seem expensive, they are about half the price of most of the other high-quality portable vapes.

    As a very potent/strong (30 watts) convection vaporizer (heats air that passes through herb vs. conduction/baking in a chamber), they do a very good job - quickly, efficiently and stealthily. For those looking for big potent, more bong-like hits from a portable vaporizer, this is probably the best that's available. I have 2 of them, and use a <$12 'intelligent' battery recharger.
  4. ClockworkOrange
    Reallythinking about getting one if it wasnt for the money...and the import tax!
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