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3 part nutrient system. Grow, micro, and bloom.
  • Description of Product/Service:
    This is a 3 part nutrient system by Green Planet Nutrients.
    Company Name:
    Green Planet Nutrients
    Product/Service Website:
    Top Three Features:
    3 part system
    All very clean with no artificial dyes
    The problem and the promise?:
    A well ballence d nutrient line with no artificial dyes or additives.
    Purchased From?:
    Purchase Price:
    I have seen these nutrients around for awhile and liked what I saw and heard about them. The makers of the Nutrients are well established hydropo if growers that know what they are doing. What drew me to them was the ingredients and the cleanliness of the Nutrients. No artificial dyes or additives and the 3 part system gives you more room for adjustments than a 2 part system. There's alot of three part nutrients out there but not many specifically designed for marijuana. I've been using them for awhile now and my plants are more overall healthy and a better shade of Green. Im feeding at 1/4 strength reccomened dose for Autoflowers and following their feeding chart.So far my ph has been perfect without adding any ph up or down. I use RO water that has a ph of around 7.5 but after adding the 3 parts I'm at a steady 6.1 or 6.2. Witch is better than my ph perfect AN sensi nutes.witch are at 6.3. Idk if the gp3 has ph technology but it seems to work great for me. I will continue to use them and update this review in a few months to give a better long term diagnosis. 20190604_235455_compress17.jpg 20190604_235522_compress12.jpg 20190604_235448_compress9.jpg Screenshot_20190613-150659.jpg Screenshot_20190613-150726.jpg
  • First Impressions:
    Very clean and ideal ph.
    Actual Benefits Provided:
    Better overall plant health.
    Who should use this product/service?:
    Hydroponic growers looking for top quality products and better product.
    User Friendly?:
    Very easy to use their feeding chart. But for autos I start at 1/4 strength of reccomended dose and that seems to be perfect.
    Who should NOT use this product/service?:
    Soil growers?
    Comparable Products/Services:
    Advanced Nutrients
    General hydroponics 3 part
    Fox farm 3 part
    How long have you used this product/service?:
    2 months
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Easy to use detailed feeding scedual. And my ph is perfect without adding ph up or down.
    A bit more exspensive than other brands but we'll worth it. So.times quality costs money.
    Able to overcome negatives?:
    Save money in the long run with healthier plants and bigger yields.
    Rate the Product Quality:
    • High Quality
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Yes I plan too.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Great product made for cannabis growers by cannabis growers

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  1. Whitetrash
    I have been.using the green planet line for a good while. I was using the 4 part kit. But im about to swicth to the 1 part. The guy at the shop I buy it from said that the 4 part is more for water culture. Said it's a little strong for coco. So I'll try out the 1 part . But what I will say. Is that as much as I love green planet I dont feel the Pro-Cal is sufficient for growing in coco. I used general hydroponics cali-magic at full strength for the first while but try to get that to 3/4 strength when.plants are more mature. . As for nutes and additives I run 1/4 strength for about a month or so. Then start to strengthen the feed keeping close eye on lock out and nute burn. Generally do a quick 1 week only ph and cal mag feed as they start to go into flower. Very happy with their brand. Not a fan of the pro-cal but the Massive and Rezin more than make up for the pro-cal
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  2. Royal T
    You said that you start at 1/4 of the recommended dosages. Do you maintain that the whole run?
    Do you plan on running a CalMag supplement too, or is that covered in the base line?
    Great review Thanks!
  3. Skinx
    Are these organic?
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      No not organic. They don't have any artificial dyes and are made from the cleanest and best sources of the nutrients. Very very clean nutrients.
      Tyler_Durden88, Jul 7, 2019
  4. Dan34475
    Are you using the recommended addons as well?
    1. Tyler_Durden88
      Not their brand yet I have alot of other additives I'm using up first. Botonicare calmag plus is the same as theirs.
      Tyler_Durden88, Jul 7, 2019
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    2. Dan34475
      It doesn't have calmag in it? Asking cause I'm gonna try the medi-one line which says it has calmag but wondering if I need to use more being in coco. Sent them the question 2 weeks ago but-----
      Dan34475, Aug 6, 2019
  5. Rev. Green Genes
    Awesome Tyler. I have been using the two part GP hydro fuel nutes for two years. I love them, and I also get great pH results. I even called to speak to an engineer there once, and they were very helpful and knowledgeable.
  6. Whitetrash
    I picked up the 4 part kit for my last grow and I'm hooked. I dont see myself using another brand. There products are well priced and I have had to call them.for a couple questions and their customer service was absalutely awsome. The Autoseeds girlscout cookies I grew. The buds were massive . Main cola as big as a bottle of wine. Defenetly worth checkin out !!
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    2. Tyler_Durden88
      It's not common for the glue to not auto. I've grown prolly 20 to 30 of them and only had that happen 1 time. They sent me a replacement pack and I'm growing the photperiod seeds as well and cloning them. The berry Ryder is a great strain and can really produce.
      Tyler_Durden88, Jul 6, 2019
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    3. Whitetrash
      I really wanna try the berry Ryder. The pica on the autoseeds site look awesome. If the buzz is the same as the look its defenetly worth a grow. I have been on night shift at work so those gorilla glue are suffering a bit and wont harvest what I had planned. I may chop the tops and keep the rest going to try to get a better harvest
      Whitetrash, Jul 16, 2019
    4. Tyler_Durden88
      The glues pretty resiliant I HST the shit outta them and they don't skip a beat. I haven't grown any autoseeds strains I didn't love. The berry Ryder is a awesome sativa smoke.
      Tyler_Durden88, Jul 16, 2019
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