GrowNorthern MS0006 LED

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    Brand of LED: GrowNorthern MS0006

    Price of the led : £250

    Delivery cost: Free in UK

    What size was the grow space : 60cm x 60cm x 180cm

    Spectrum used: Full Spectrum EPILED 630nm, 660nm, 725nm 460nm, 5700k

    Customer service rating..1-5: 5

    Wattage of the LED ( actual power draw if poss): Power Consumption: Cold start -180w / Max- 270 watts / Typical- 186w

    Optics used : Deep Red 8pcs,Red 2pcs, Blue 2pcs pcs, Cool white 2pcs, Infrared 1pc

    Build quality: Solid!

    Warranty length : 3 Years

    Any noticeable plant deficiencies : Calmag when not added through foliar feed

    Value for Money Rating..1-5: 5

    Additional info : I love it.

    Link to your AFN grow:

    Link to where it was bought :

    Pic of the LED panel ( optional ) :[​IMG]

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