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GrowNorthern MS0006 review

  • GrowNorthern MS0006 review

    Brand of LED: Grownorthern MS0006 (got unit Dec 2013)

    Price of the led: 500AUD

    Delivery cost: 30AUD Shipping

    What size was the grow space: 1m x 1m x 2m Growlush Tent

    Spectrum used: New spectrum Black Unit
    Switching model that'll allow the outer 4 modules to turn on and a 2nd switch for the middle module.

    Customer service rating: 4/5 Very helpful and provided tracking number which was mostly accurate. Requested AUS plug but got an EU plug. Have to use an adapter.

    Wattage of the LED ( actual power draw if poss): IDK.

    Optics used: IDK, whatever came with the unit. 90 degrees

    Build quality: 4,5/5 Solid unit, wire hangers probably not the best solution but works for me.

    Warranty length: 3 years

    Any noticeable plant deficiencies: None yet but have been adding cal/mag already to the nutrient cocktail.

    Value for Money Rating: 5/5 Want to see what these babies can do

    Do I get a badge now? :)

    Pictures to follow.

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