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Gwk X Bt

Author Rating:
Average User Rating:
  • Company Name:
    Magic Bean Company
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    GWK x BT

    Did it autoflower?: (Y/N)


    3 part blend of Natural organic potting mix, Peat and Burpee Organic grow mix with lime,roots organic elemental, Azomite rock dust and Extreme garden Mykos


    Mega Crop, Sweet Candy, Cal Mag Pro, Bud Explosion, Red Line from GreenLeaf Nutrients

    Light (kind and schedule):

    5 Autocobs 24/7

    From seed to harvest date:
    90 days

    Dry Yield:

    758 grams from Fat and Sassy 304 grams from the other 3 for a harvest total of 1062 grams

    High/Effect Duration:
    2 to 3 hr high Very potent great for pain, sleep, and appetite Warning not for beginners high tolerance needed a good wake and bake if you want to go back to bed so great for night time aches and pains

    RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great

    BAG APPEAL:*****

    very nice 10/10

    THE GROWTH:*****
    10/10 They all exploded out of the gate with Fat and Sassy taking over the show she was over 6 ft tall 4 ft wide when harvested

    THE SMELL:*****

    While growing I had hints of grape since dried it has a woody smell until you break her open then strong pine odor and VERY STICKY

    THE SMOKE:*****
    A very nice smoke rather rolled in a paper, packing a bowl or a blunt it will put in a a trance

    :***** plus

    Not for beginners for sure very potent with a great head high and pain relieve


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Recent User Reviews

  1. Frank Nitty
    Boy you did that one for sure you
    Dabber likes this.
    1. Dabber
      Thx Bro

User Comments

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  1. Fitzy
    Looks awsome now is the bt blue toof from mephisto i would love to no only have 2 blue toof seeds left my self
  2. trailanimal
    Finally I found your review!, that does it, for sure she is in the line-up! Fantastic grow Dabber!, thanks for review
      Dabber likes this.
  3. dk420
    758!!! Congrats dude!!! I got one going now and gonna dedicate my whole tent to her... 2 weeks old and already bigger than anything I've done to date!
      Dabber likes this.
  4. Archaic
    For those of us not yet familiar with Magic beans could you extrapolate which strains these are? Magic is actually on my list of AFN supporting providers to get some seeds from.
      Dabber and MrOldBoy like this.
    1. Dabber
      This was a freebie, a cross Magic made during the making of Bubba trouble no real info except from those who have grown it
      Dabber, Oct 14, 2018
  5. NastyN8t
    Awesome work bro!!!!! This grow has influenced me to try both greenleaf and gwk x bt ( already have cobs)!!!!!
      Dabber likes this.
    1. Dabber
      Thx bro
      Dabber, Oct 14, 2018