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    First impression,

    I thought that this would improve the root system as mentioned in all the documentation. Then i expected to see a more vigorous plant. I have always been one to say that a plant is like an iceberg where as 80% of it is what we cant see. Build the root system and then the return is shown in the yield.

    Mid grow,

    What i wanted to see was just simply not there. I made sure that the HGS girls were single potted and made sure that they got the same treatment as the other plants that were not amended with the additive. They were smaller plants than the rest of the crop and they were exposed to the exact same climate that their sisters were in.

    One thing that i will note is the water retention.
    There were a few things in this test to see if this claim was correct. I had several multi pots (2 plants per 2 gal pot) that ideally were consuming more water than the single plants were, and given the singles were alone should translate to less water needs. Where in the test the silica gals needed watered more often than the multi pots were. I also had a single plant in non HGS and its water needs were not of the HGS gals.

    As far as the root growth on them being larger i am not sure yet as i am waiting on the pots to dry out to inspect the root ball to see who had the better root system.

    Final result..
    Honestly would not use again unless it was given to me, and at that point may not even bother to take the time to mix it in the soil. The plants that had the mix were smaller, they didnt yield near as much as the other girls and that is not adding the total of the multi pots. That is plant for plant difference.

    Final words. No weights because i packed it all as Bobbys Widow. However here are my final thoughts and you can see the same in my thread.

    I knew HGS was a soil additive. The plants here were given a rather rigerous feed schedule on top of the hgs. All plants got the following.

    Advanced Nutrients pH perfect line
    Grow, micro, and bloom

    Advanced Nutrients
    Big bud
    Ancient earth

    Green planet


    So knowing that this was an additive I made sure that the NPK was there for sure. Feed schedule was as follows

    Week 1
    G,M,B 2.5 ml/gal
    Cal/mag 1.25 ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 2
    G,M,B 5ml/gal
    Cal/mag 2.5 ml/gal
    Ancient earth 5ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 3
    G,M,B 10ml/gal
    Cal/mag 3.75 ml/gal
    Big bud 1.25 ml/gal
    Rezin 1.25 ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 4
    G,M,B 12.5 ml/gal
    Cal/mag 5 ml/gal
    Big bud 2.5 ml/gal
    Rezin 2.5 ml/gal
    Ancient earth 7.25 ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 5
    G,M,B 13.75ml/gal
    Cal/mag 5 ml/gal
    Big bud 5ml/gal
    Rezin 5ml/gal
    Ancient earth 10ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 6
    G,M,B 15 ml/gal
    Cal/mag 6.25 ml/gal
    Big bud 6.25 ml/gal
    Rezin 6.25 ml/gal
    Ancient earth 10 ml/gal
    Every water

    Week 7
    Water only

    Week 8
    Water only

    Week 9

    I had both multi pots and single potted plants with HGS. I noticed that the HGS needed watered more often (single and multi pots) than the non HGS plants.

    Let the soil dry after harvest so I could inspect the root system. It was no different than the plants without the additive.

    Yellow tag denotes HGS product applied itsthe root ball on the right in both pics.
    View attachment 952123 View attachment 952124

    As you can see the one on the right (HGS) is no different than the non HGS on left. Also the main stem is larger as well as thicker surface roots on the one on the left

    I also noticed that the HGS root ball had a salty dry substance once they were removed from the grow bags and the ones that did not contain HGS were fine.
  • Positives/Benefits:
    Nothing I saw
    Claims were not met
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    First was a trial bag did not buy. No Gaines results will not invest in future product.
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    No, if ran one time without several control plants wouldn’t be able to see what it does not do.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    Just not there. Applied in multi test environment and results were not on par with claims.

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  1. Dabber
    Great review :d5:
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  2. hecno
    Very good review , Thank you .
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  3. F.N.
    Great honest review of a product. Thank you FullDuplex
    1. FullDuplex
      Cheers mate. I e used a few product and this is just what I see when using a product. If it’s great, awesome. If not then it needs to be known.
      FullDuplex, Sep 18, 2018
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  4. Waira
    :smoking: color me surprised FD,...:nono: ... what I suspected all along unfortunately,.... I tried to engage some conversation/explaination, but that died on the vine,...
    Well, you gave it as empirical of a testing as you could, and results speak for themselves.... Si is a "must" in my grows, including other plants like the orchids,... but the best, most reliable way to get it in there is still by liquid solution,.... :pass: Thank you for trying in any case!
  5. Mizzo81
    Nice honest review