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    For a better in depth review and a look into the journey I have taken please visit the journal for all the up dates and photography... here's the link again - https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/slater-grows-healing-path.68047/

    Can I recommend Healing path, of course I can. It's been real nice to step away from the hype strains that fleece your wallet and to grow something with a bit of difference and just as much gusto if not more than of those hybrid hype strains of today... here check the tent out, rocking...


    Out of all my recent grows healing path has been a breeze, plants are not fussy, the MoB yield is amazing and the turp profile on one of the MoB's and one of the AoF cross's is hands down some of the best I've ever smelt and grown. A real winner in my books and for that reason alone a must grow... do your self a favor and get some Healing Path in your garden, you will not be disappointed

    Here is some bud porn to get the juices flowing...

    AoF x sensi star x CBD haze #02

    MoB #02


    MoB #01

    AoF x Sensi Star x CBD

    MoB #03


    MoB #04

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  1. rick-j
  2. Alchemy
    True Love photos
  3. St. Tom
    nice job slater and you take wonderful pictures blew my mind
  4. hecno
    Slater they are stunning mate .:clapper::clapper::clapper: :thumbsup:
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  5. niceneasy
    Very nice mate, quality buddage - using every inch.
      Slater likes this.
  6. rick-j
    NICE------I'm very much a rookie--- but one of these day's------My LED's would have burnt all those top's being that close, what kinda light is that??:drool::jointman: Have a great day-----
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    1. Slater
      Thank you rick-j... my LED's did burn a couple of the MoB up back where they got to with in 3", but yes I can get them close... the light is 450w, I run the QB's and COB's at 1050ma, which spreads the wattage out over the 3 broads and 6 cobs...means I can get the plants that little bit closer... I have a very limited hight
      Slater, Feb 26, 2019
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