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    i buy a fair few heavyweight strains as i get huge harvests and great weed ive grown fast n vast twice and 2 fast 2 vast once and ive never had under 3 oz of a plant :drool: .this girl flew from start to finish in 15 ltr autopots and had super rock hard colas not the biggest but really nice and easy to trim and after a little cure she smells fruity but not overpowering i think maybe a bit longer in the jars may change that slightly and the high off her is mellow i can smoke this stuff in the day and thats a bonus for me :pass:
    20180412_114900.jpg 20180416_154941.jpg Capture.PNG
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  1. Chong's Cousin
    I've noticed bad germ rates from heavyweight testing forums,have you experienced any issues with poor germ rates? Great thorough review , thanks for the insight:d5:
    1. St. Tom
      Yes I have mate I couldn't recommend there strains till they get there germ issues sorted
      St. Tom, Jun 7, 2018
      Chong's Cousin likes this.
    2. Chong's Cousin
      Thank you for saving me some cash mate,props!
      Chong's Cousin, Jun 8, 2018
      St. Tom likes this.
  2. dave99
    the last time i saw strains like this was when i order from cannabis420store.com in California
      St. Tom likes this.
  3. chefdave
    @St. Tom Nice review and great looking plants.
      St. Tom likes this.
    1. St. Tom
      Thanks dave if i can grow them anybody can pal
      St. Tom, May 1, 2018