High Roller

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GeniusPipe Co.
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I was given this pipe to do a review
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I reached out to GeniusPipe to see if they'd like to do a live interview with AFN's AutoWarriors.. with much respect, GeniusPipe not only accepted the invitation to an interview.. but graciously offered up a couple pipes for review and a little teaser for the interview..
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My plan with this product is to test it. In other words I'll be smoking copious amounts of homegrown through it.
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No journal, live testing
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Positives About This Product:
Quick, clean, sleek and visually appealing
Negatives About This Product:
Not quite a big enough bowl to the eye...
Upon further testing noticed bowl size was just right..
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Absolutely.. took it out of the box packed one bowl and was pleasantly surprised.
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
This pipe is for everyone.. take it on the go..or leave it on the coffee table.. it's a nice piece of equipment..
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
I might be buying a few.. I know a few stoners that still celebrate Christmas
Would You Recommend This Product?:
I've only smoked one bowl through it but yes.. so far so good
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
You guys rock! From my dealings with Steve, I'm gonna say these people really are in the game to please people.. They put alot of thought into bringing something so old as a pipe to something so new..
I also would like to thank them very much for the generous gift. I can't wait till the June 9 interview..

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  1. deluxpharma
    good pipes

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  1. cwesley32799
    I LOVE my genius pipe! It is so smooth and you don't even realize how big of a hit you just took until you blow out!!

    I see more of them in my future
  2. SpliffScot
    OK that's the second positive review - but now I'm kind of getting confused - between the reviews here and online promo - it's a pipe designed to give 'vape like' cool clean smoke - I get that and the principles of the cooling dimples to trap out condensate resins.

    But what is the comparison compared to portable green herb vapes? - am I better spending 100 bucks on a good pipe or 300 on something electric that will over time 'die' (whereas this will if looked after and cleaned remain functional).

    I'm curious - someone is owe me a present and can't decide which route to go down.
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    2. VitaMan
      They do look nice, don't they. I really like the finishes. Haven't seen them above the 49th yet, but I sure would like to handle it one.

      It may be as cool as typical vapor, but it's smoke. I don't smoke very often, but if I did, this would be loaded and in my pocket.
      VitaMan, Jun 6, 2017
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    3. SpliffScot
      That (for me) is part of the attraction << I can imagine this (cleaned) slipping into my camera bag or even just dropping it as part of pocket garbage in the tray at customs and nobody would bat an eye. Medicinal use and international travel are poor partners.
      SpliffScot, Jun 7, 2017
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    4. pop22
      Looks like a great pipe, however, its still a pipe and burning weed. I still smoke a couple times a week, just because lol! But vaporizers are superior, healthwise, in taste, and uses 1/2 as much weed maybe even less. I love a vape just for the amazing tastes you can get, all that baloney about tasting flavors in smoke? smoke taste like smoke... vaoper can have real flavors, Blue Dragon taste like blueberry bubblegum!

      But I'm still considering getting one of these pipes. I think its a fine piece!
      pop22, Jun 10, 2017
  3. Arsenal
    I just recently bought this same item, haven't received it yet! Wish I could get on the wagon for some of these free items I see on this forum. Looks like a good product and I got extra screens for mine. Classy looking pipe. Thanks for posting.
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