Indica Phenotype Walter White

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  1. trailanimal
    "oh yeah!"
    Tetra9! this should be in their catalogue!
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    1. Tetra9
      Thanks a lot ! It's safe to say the gang on Mephisto Mountain out did themselves on this one ! Glad you enjoyed the review, Cheers !

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  1. Burr_nit
    Great review. Beautiful buds. You did a great job! :thumbsup: ..I think it's time for me to stock pile an arsenal of Mephisto's.
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  2. moto_grower
    Looks and sounds awesome dude....Im gonna be popping my WW bean next!
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  3. Roger Dee
    me like
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  4. Ichabodus

    I have one growing right now. The smell. It's pure heaven. I wouldn't describe it as cat piss and sweat though. More like a creamy sweet apple pie. In fact because of it all the other 3 in the tent smell like shit in comparison.
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    1. Tetra9
      Neat ! That sounds delightful ! Man, my wife would have preferred that smell for sure. She complained so much....until she smoked it :)
      Hope you have a journal going. Cheers !
      Tetra9, Mar 8, 2017
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  5. SpliffScot
    OK so I'm gonna renew my filter for this - cat piss << the cat won't be happy lol.:kitty:
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  6. VitaMan
    Pure, delicious looking sugar.
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  7. NugNoob
    This is off the chain, who wants to live in a world without coke...?
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    2. NugNoob

      A clip from BB when Walter White drops one of my favorite lines.
      NugNoob, Feb 18, 2017
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    3. Tetra9
      I watched the link, freaking genius my friend ! I must confess, I never finished the show. I binged on like 4-5 seasons for the first time last year, and I never finished it up. The end was ruined via spoiler from the GF, figured I'd save the other episodes for a prison or hospital stay....haha
      Tetra9, Feb 18, 2017
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    4. NugNoob
      Oh I hear ya, bummer about the spoiler! Def rain check BB for any kind of 'stay'!
      NugNoob, Feb 19, 2017
  8. knocker powell
    great review!very much looking forward to getting this in the tent. :hookah:
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  9. SpliffScot
    Thanks for this I was going to go looking for the Walter W. Indica write-up's before sprouting - I'm space limited so will be running on smaller pots anyway. I look forward too entertaining one of these girls in the cabinet tho.
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  10. Microwave
    Beautiful plant and smoke report! :woohoo1:
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